Andhra Jyothi to be re-launched in October

Andhra Jyothi to be re-launched in October

Author | Roopa Sarah Thomas | Tuesday, Oct 01,2002 7:22 AM

Andhra Jyothi to be re-launched in October

After a noticeable exit, Andhra Jyothi a Telugu daily is being re-launched on Vijayadasami day, the 15th of October. Launched simultaneously from six centers Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Vijayawada, Vishakapatnam, Tirupati and Anandhapur, the paper promises to launch 10 more editions by 31st March 2003.

According to K.R.P.Reddy, General Manager, Advertising and Marketing, Andhra Jyothi, the biggest obstacle the paper faced was the lack of centres. Since the centres were few, reaching the reader was becoming difficult. Explained Reddy, "Also with competition reaching the remotest of areas, we were losing out because by the time our paper reached remote villages, the news had already become outdated".

Led by a new team, this new avatar of the Andhra Jyothi will have some of the biggest names of Telugu journalism associated with them. Revealed Reddy, "Our new Editor is K.Ramachandra Murthy, who was earlier the Editor of Vartha, another popular Telugu daily".

Andhra Jyothi claims to have built a strong network of more than 100 regional centres and the required state of art technology, to fight competition from other dailies Vartha and Eenadu. Also associated with the paper will be 1000 trained stringers situated all across Andhra Pradesh.

According to Reddy, the paper will mostly target people in the semi-urban and rural area. Positioned as a paper that is going to be unbiased, it will target all age groups and carry important news stories in the fields of business, sports, health, religion and agriculture among others. Exudes Reddy, "Even though the elite and media planners give preference to English publications, we will prove that except for the language we will be no different where presentation is concerned."

Andhra Jyothi, a part of Aamoda Publications, has their own in house agency that will be releasing extensive advertisements both in print publications and television. Says Reddy, "This way we will be able to reach our target groups; Agencies, Readers and prospective advertisers".

Even though competing with big names like Eenadu will prove to be a formidable task, Reddy claims that if the product proves to be good enough, it will manage to pull its own audience. He said, "Readership is never steady. The recent IRS studies reveal that even Eenadu lost a big number of readers. So we definitely have a chance to prove ourself".

Media planners in Andhra Pradesh are skeptical however about the fate of Andhra Jyothi. Though everyone is anxiously awaiting the re-launch of Andhra Jyothi, no one is sure if it will create a dent on Eenadu's soaring popularity. According to Sudhir Akolkar, Media Director, Mudra, "Vartha is popular in the interiors. Meanwhile Eenadu is the most popular daily in the urban areas. So in such a situation it is a matter of time before we know how Andhra Jyothi will fare."

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