Anandhavikatan records 30% increase in sales after content revamp

Anandhavikatan records 30% increase in sales after content revamp

Author | Abitha G. | Wednesday, Feb 04,2004 7:04 AM

Anandhavikatan records 30% increase in sales after content revamp

Anandhavikatanrevamped its content based on a reader survey. The results indicate that it was a prudent move. The magazine claims to have recorded a 30% increase in sales from July 2003 and has seen a consistent growth.

The stance of the magazine was earlier considered too formal and the content was considered more for contemplative rather than light reading. The revamped content now has a mix of light and thought-provoking content and is packaged differently. The magazine now wears a friendlier face.

The study revealed that Anandhavikatan provided content which was heavy in nature. The publication took note and made changes to strike a balance between heavy and light reading. Since then it has reported progress in sales in “A” category towns and is working on promotional campaigns to achieve similar results in the interior towns as well. The estimated circulation of Anandhavikatan is about 3.4 lakh copies.

Says, B. Srinivasan, JMD, Vikatan Group of Publications, “We as a publication try and stay a step ahead of what the reader wants. Every member of my editorial department, along with my marketing team, meets at least 15 customers every week, trying to understand the dynamics of their reading habits, preferences and expectations from the magazine market.”

Because of the market study, the Vikatan group also has plans to launch a religious magazine by mid-April. The magazine is expected to be a refreshing change from the existing content formats prevailing in magazines of the same genre.

Anandhavikatan also plans to launch different language versions of Chutti Vikatan, the group’s Tamil children’s magazine. The Telugu version named Chitti Vikatan is showing promise after its launch in 2003. Other language versions, including Malayalam, Hindi and English are also being planned. Anandhavikatan is on the lookout for tie-ups with publishers in the North for its Hindi and English versions.

Vikatan group of publications has Anandhavikatan, the fortnightly Aval Vikatan, Junior Vikatan and Chutti Vikatan in its stable. The man behind the magazine’s success and growth is the late S S Vasan, who bought the magazine in 1928, and then quadrupled its sales from 5,000 to 20,000 in one year. The current turnover of the publication is Rs. 28 crore.

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