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Amul eyeing for confectionery market

Amul eyeing for confectionery market

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 9:38 AM

Amul eyeing for confectionery market

After dairy products, pizzas, Amul is all set to launch a wide range of confectionery products in north India in the next two weeks.

Initially it plans to introduce two flavours of Eclairs in the market, which nearly constitute 7 per cent of the total one lakh tonnes confectionery market in India. In its first year of operations, Amul will be looking at capturing 20 per cent market share in the Eclairs business.

According to industry analysts, the Rs 140-crores confectionery industry has two major players in the Eclairs business — Nestle and Cadbury — which share 5 per cent of the market between them. The rest 2 per cent is shared by other smaller players. Amul will have to do something extraordinary to achieve 20 per cent market share in its first year of operations.

Amul will be outsourcing Eclairs from Campco. If the company is able to establish its brand in the confectionery market, then it plans to launch more varieties of chocolates.

The company plans to launch the Eclairs first in north India as the region nearly accounts for 40 per cent of the total confectionery market in the country. The launch in other parts of the country will then follow.

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