Amit Baruah shifts to Delhi as Resident Editor, The Hindu

Amit Baruah shifts to Delhi as Resident Editor, The Hindu

Author | Abid Hasan | Wednesday, Jul 16,2014 8:20 AM

Amit Baruah shifts to Delhi as Resident Editor, The Hindu

Senior journalist Amit Baruah moves to New Delhi from Mumbai as Resident Editor, The Hindu. Announcing his shifting, he tweeted, “Delighted to report that i have moved to #Delhi as @the_hindu Resident Editor @MaliniP @suhasinih @varghesekgeorge.”

Welcoming, Baruah to the editorial team, Malini  Parthasarathy tweeted, “The Hindu gets a dynamic new Resident Editor Amit Baruah @abaruah64, reenergising our editorial presence in Delhi!.”

Welcoming Baruah, Parthasarathy wrote, “We are happy to announce the appointment of Amit Baruah as our new Resident Editor in Delhi to head our editorial operations there. We know that Amit’s appointment presents an exciting opportunity to invigorate and energise our editorial operations and enhance the quality of our offerings in a highly competitive market. Amit who has over 25 years experience in journalism is well equipped to lead this challenging task, given his early moorings in The Hindu in the late ‘80s, his experience in other leading dailies in the capital and in television.

We are committed to a strategy that focuses on enabling more platforms for our news stories and themes, while also continuing to pursue our core reporting on national themes of politics and economics, but also recognising that the old narrative modes are losing their hold over reader imagination. The important point for journalists to recognise is that given the inherent pressure of instant television reporting, the advantage that print journalism can play on is its capacity to provide depth and perspective to the reporting that is already out there on TV screens and the viewer’s visual imagination. Hence there is a need for multi-input stories not necessarily spatially restricted to a single zone and requires adroit steering by a coordinator who is able to get all the strands of the narrative together in a single frame. A prerequisite for this approach is a strong news leader and a Resident Editor especially in Delhi, which is the national capital, is well placed to fulfil this requirement.”

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