Amar Ujala sports a new look in New Year

Amar Ujala sports a new look in New Year

Author | Sumita Patra | Wednesday, Jan 17,2007 9:00 AM

Amar Ujala sports a new look in New Year

Amar Ujala has started sporting a more youthful and smart look from January 16, 2007. The last time the paper had changed its look was four and a half years’ back. As part of the new look, the paper’s masthead is now in sky blue colour instead of black. Shashi Shekhar, Group Editor, Amar Ujala, said, “According to Indian philosophy, the colour sky blue is the symbol of peace, energy and good thinking.”

The white space in the paper has been increased so as to make the printing more clear and sharp. The number of columns has been reduced to seven from eight, while the width has been increased to make the paper more reader friendly.

The number of photographs used in the paper, too, has been reduced and limited to good photographs that give a soothing effect to the readers. The packaging of the news items has been made more comprehensive, with the paper being divided into three sections – National and International news, Regional news and, thirdly, features which also include sports and commerce.

It took around six months for the paper to implement with the changes. “We have initiated the changes in order to match up to the competition and to make the paper more userfriendly,” said Shekhar.

The price of the paper, however, remains unchanged. As far as creating a buzz around the new look is concerned, teaser ads are on from January 12. Besides, there would be mailers too. The paper will also involve readers’ feedbacks on the changes and will acknowledge them too.

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