AIM urges NRS to give fair treatment to magazines in subscription fee

AIM urges NRS to give fair treatment to magazines in subscription fee

Author | Malini Menon | Wednesday, Jan 12,2005 7:51 AM

AIM urges NRS to give fair treatment to magazines in subscription fee

The Association of Indian Magazines (AIM) has geared up to address the need for a unified representation of the magazine industry. Paresh Nath of Delhi Press Patra Prakashan and President, AIM, said the body has made a representation to the National Readership Survey (NRS) for “fair treatment in inclusion fee” towards magazines.

“The subscription fee for NRS should be not be based on frequency alone as there is a disparity in the propensity to generate ads between magazines and dailies,” Nath said. “Previously, we had made some recommendations to ABC following which they did come up with some reforms. We hope that NRS will do the same,” he added.

Nath said that of the total ad spend of around Rs 11,000-12,000 crore, about Rs 5,000-6,000 crore goes to print media. “Magazines only get around Rs 300 crore. We are reaching a very large number of readers, yet we have not been able to project ourselves well, which is the reason magazines have not been getting the desired attention,” he said. AIM is trying to draw the attention of NRS to this concern, he added. Nath also shared that Ashish Bagga, Executive Director of the India Today group had been unanimously elected as the Vice President of AIM in place of Mohini Bhullar.

AIM was set up last year to act as a voice for the magazine publishers. Though magazines are members of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS), which also has a magazine sub-committee, the INS is perceived as being focused more on dailies. The focus of AIM will be completely on magazines.

AIM is also working towards a specialized survey of magazine readers, informed Nath. “A specific sub-committee has been appointed to talk to research agencies to set up a specialized survey on magazine readers,” he said.

Some of the objectives listed in AIM’s 'Memorandum of Association' include establishing better understanding, cooperation and unity among all magazine publishers; ensuring development of magazines devoted to science, art, culture, women, literature, children, fashion, politics, administration, entertainment, and various other subjects.

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