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AdEx launches Print Innovation Monitor as compilation of creative print ads

AdEx launches Print Innovation Monitor as compilation of creative print ads

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Nov 09,2004 8:59 AM

AdEx launches Print Innovation Monitor as compilation of creative print ads

AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research, has announced the launch of a Print Innovation Monitor (PIM). When the agency has been involved in creative monitoring for a while now, PIM would mean a regular supply of information on print innovations. AdEx plans on releasing this data on a quarterly basis.

AdEx officials inform that the agency is releasing a CD, which has a compilation of all creative print ad images featured in every kind of print publication from across the country. “We are right now offering it as a one of January–September 2004 collection,” says Satyendra Saxena, Brand Manager, AdEx India, “We will come up with the festival collection by January 2005.”

Sharing more on the objective behind this initiative, he adds, “The dynamism of the print ad industry boils down to the different forms of ad layouts that keep on changing, depending on the needs of the product category or the reader (target audience). Creative print ad layouts have also witnessed a change over the last few years.”

He explains the very fact that the spends for this form of advertising touched a figure of around Rs 73 crore for January–September 2004 alone indicates the importance given to the area. This was after a jump of 37 per cent from the same period last year. January–December 2003 saw a total spend of around Rs 79 crore in this form of advertising.

”Consequently, both advertisers and ad agencies increasingly want to keep track of this trend, which is why we are launching PIM CDs which will contain compilation of creative print ad layouts since January 2003. Be it advertisers or ad agencies, it will be a wonderful reference point and get to observe trends even for the remotest publication in any corner of the country,” shares Saxena.

How does he see this initiative benefiting the industry? “We are talking about a Rs 80-crore (as on January–December 2003) industry,” Saxena continues, “Every single rupee spent on innovative print ads has to be done with huge amount of study and planning. The PIM archive will go a long way and play an integral part in planning phase.”

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