4thD Meri Sangini eyeing 1.50 lakh circulation by March-end 2006

4thD Meri Sangini eyeing 1.50 lakh circulation by March-end 2006

Author | Sumita Patra | Monday, Oct 03,2005 7:55 AM

4thD Meri Sangini eyeing 1.50 lakh circulation by March-end 2006

Backed and supported by Ozone group of companies, Fourth Dimension Media Pvt Ltd has chalked out ambitious plans for its Hindi monthly magazine ‘4th D Meri Sangini’. Launched in July this year, the women’s magazine has plans to achieve 1.50 lakh circulation by the end of March 2006.

The overwhelming success that the company received from the first issue of the magazine prompted the group to focus more aggressively on marketing its magazine.

According to Neeta Agrawal, CEO, Fourth Dimension Media Pvt Ltd, “Our innovative concept of 4th Dimension and its strong editorial content, which has been proved by its success in just three months, will help us in achieving this ambitious target.”

Priced at Rs 15, the first issue of ‘4thD Meri Sangini’ was launched with much fanfare with a musical extravaganza called ‘Kishore Kumar comes alive with Amit Kumar’ in Lucknow, Indore and Jaipur. The show will be extended to places like Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Patna in October.

Said Agrawal, “Despite the low cost, we have backed up its promotion through 360 degree marketing approach, which includes ‘Kishore Kumar comes alive with Amit Kumar’ shows in Hindi speaking belts, which are still in progress, along with heavy ads in national Hindi and English newspapers.”

Advertising through the print medium and on ground activities are the two strategies that 4thD Media has adopted in order to achieve its target for the Hindi magazine. Agarwal, pointed out, “Our parent company Ozone is known for its innovative marketing and we are also coming with innovative concepts of marketing and distributing the product. We have also adopted innovative channel of distribution besides usual bookstores and magazine stalls, the magazine is being placed at FMCG counters, chemist shops and cosmetic counters.”

At the time of the launch of the magazine, 4thD Media introduced an innovative concept of inserting an eight-page replica of the magazine in all newspapers of major cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Allahabad, Bhopal, Indore, Jaipur, Patna, Dhanbad and Ranchi.

The sampling concept has reaped in profitable returns for the company, thereby prompting the company to continue focusing on the sampling method in the future as well. Agarwal said, “We are getting good response by these samplers, through these we reach nearly 1,600,000 houses every month.”

Apart from the various on ground activities, ‘4thD Meri Sangini’ also sponsored the India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka cricket Tri-Series called the ‘NoMarks twenty-20 cup’ held in Gwalior on August 30-September 3, thereby making its strong presence felt in the potential market of Madhya Pradesh.

The company has allocated a budget of around Rs 1 crore for promoting ‘4th Meri Sangini’ in this financial year. Fourth Dimension Media also has an English magazine called ‘4thD Woman’ and has plans to launch another Hindi magazine soon.

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