‘Technology Review’ magazine launched in India; priced at Rs 100

‘Technology Review’ magazine launched in India; priced at Rs 100

Author | Puneet Bedi Bahri | Wednesday, Mar 04,2009 7:46 AM

‘Technology Review’ magazine launched in India; priced at Rs 100

Cyber Media has launched its 15th media offering, ‘Technology Review’, described as a magazine of innovation. The monthly magazine, which hit newsstands on March 2, is priced at Rs 100 and will have an initial print run of 15,000 copies.

Commenting on the launch of the magazine, Pradeep Gupta, Chairman, Cyber Media, said, “While India has many polished technology magazines in specific verticals, so far it lacks a thought-leader publication cutting across all verticals on innovation economy and breakthrough technologies. ‘Technology Review’ will fill this need.”

Gupta clarified that first issue would hit the stands only in June 2009. The India edition of ‘Technology Review’ wears much the same look and feel as its parent edition. However, the magazine in India, which has been licensed to Cyber Media, will have more localised content with a good mix of stories emanating from R&D labs here.

‘Technology Review’ Editor Jason Pontin pointed out that one of the reasons for launching the edition in India was a selfish one. He said, “India is a leading provider of emerging technology. I want to be the first person to show to the world what’s coming out of Indian labs.”

On whether it was difficult to launch during times of a slowdown, Pontin replied in the negative and quipped, “Once PG (Pradeep Gupta) and I decided to go to bed together, it all moved along fairly well. The slowest part of doing the business in India is the government. We had to wait a fair bit of time before we got the permission to enter India, but that’s always the case in India.”

In recent years, ‘Technology Review’ editions have been launched in China, France, Germany and Italy.

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