‘Morning Challenge’ or ‘Moaning Challenge?’- HT’s comeback campaign against TOI

‘Morning Challenge’ or ‘Moaning Challenge?’- HT’s comeback campaign against TOI

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Sep 19,2014 5:37 PM

‘Morning Challenge’ or ‘Moaning Challenge?’- HT’s comeback campaign against TOI

The clash of the titans, TOI and HT, just turned more intense with sarcastic undertones. Several days ago Times of India launched an advertisement that read ‘The Truth shall prevail. Specially at 6am.’ The ad further invited readers to get a firsthand experience of the newspaper’s leadership by taking up the Times of India challenge, by contacting the TOI and visiting a newspaper depot.
TOI retaliates to HT's IRS embrace, launches advertiser initiative
In answer to TOI’s Morning Challenge, HT has just launched a campaign called ‘Moaning Challenge, The Curious Case of The Eternal Crybaby’ (with a baby wearing a diaper labelled TOI).
The 2-minute animated video describes how ‘the baby’ is crying over the IRS 2013 numbers which declare HT is leading in Delhi NCR. “What does the IRS know? IRS is fishy and everyone else is dumb. Only the crybaby knows,” runs the copy along the animation.
It further says, “TOI changes goalposts to suit their needs. If ABC determines who is No. 1 in the market, how many copies does TOI have under ABC in Mumbai? The answer is…zero. So in Mumbai IRS is good because TOI is No. 1. In Delhi IRS is bad because TOI is No.2.”
It goes on to say that it’s fishy how NBT has TOI masthead and then they issue a Morning Challenge, says the video.
It also mentions the case of missing HT copies which HT alleged were sabotaged and didn’t reach the market.
HT alleges foul play over 'missing copies'

It concludes with the question, “So you decide…is it a Morning Challenge or a Moaning Challenge?”
You can watch the video here:

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