‘Mirror, mirror on Femina’, Tanishq teams up with Maxus for Aleya collection

‘Mirror, mirror on Femina’, Tanishq teams up with Maxus for Aleya collection

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Oct 21,2008 8:34 AM

‘Mirror, mirror on Femina’, Tanishq teams up with Maxus for Aleya collection

Even as most are baffled by the question ‘What do women want?’, advertisers seek to come up with innovative initiatives to woo the ladies. Tanishq is one such brand that has come up with an interesting media innovation in association with Maxus for its jewellery collection, Aleya. One of the leading women’s magazine in India, Femina, has been used as the platform for this media innovation.

A mirror is not a mere looking glass for women, but a reflection of what they perceive themselves to be. One would remember the evil stepmother of Snow White who would admire her reflection in her mirror for hours, asking often ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’

Tanishq’s media innovation doesn’t have any sinister connotation of that magic mirror of the fairy tale of yore. But it does seek to bring out women’s intimate association with her mirror, especially when decked in all her finery.

Femina was selected for the innovation as Tanishq identified it to be catering to its target group for ‘Aleya’. Thus, the cover for the latest issue of Femina sports an oval-shaped mirror on a page devoid of any other image except that of a photo of an exquisite necklace placed immediately below the mirror. So, when one looked at the magazine cover, they saw their reflection on the small mirror with the illusion of wearing that necklace.

Alpana Parida, Head Marketing & Merchandising, Tanishq, remarked, “The Femina innovation gracing the October issue puts every woman on the cover of the magazine. She can ‘see’ herself looking like a cover girl, wearing gorgeous Tanishq jewellery. This innovation works at two levels. It completely cuts the clutter in the crowded Diwali season and stands out amongst the plethora of similar advertising. It also gets women to ‘try’ on the jewellery and see how they look. We expect this innovation to not just create brand/ collection awareness, but also propel sales.”

Kishan Kumar, Investment Group Head, Maxus, sheds light on the lure of this unprecedented innovation. He said, “The key objective of this Tanishq innovation on Femina was to generate enough curiosity about the Aleya collection. The advantage of such an association is that it builds instant reach and interest levels, unlike conventional magazine campaigns.”

Pravin Menon, Regional Head - Sales, World Wide Media, observed, “Good ideas are rare, rarer still are people who have the gumption to bring good ideas to life. The entire experience has been very encouraging, and we at World Wide Media commend the efforts by the teams involved in this innovation.”

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