‘I am Sananda and I turn 20 today’: Bengal’s popular magazine crosses landmark

‘I am Sananda and I turn 20 today’: Bengal’s popular magazine crosses landmark

Author | Indrani Sinha | Monday, Jul 31,2006 7:46 AM

‘I am Sananda and I turn 20 today’: Bengal’s popular magazine crosses landmark

Sananda, the woman’s magazine in Bengali from the ABP Group, turns on July 31, 2006. Sananda was launched in July 1986 at a time when women’s empowerment was still at a nascent stage. With Noted film personality Aparna Sen as its editor, a high decibel advertising campaign, depicting women in what at that time seemed uncharacteristic roles with the tag line ‘Ami Sananda’ (I am Sananda), introduced the magazine in the market.

Over the years, this core idea of ‘I am my own inspiration’ has continued to be the guiding spirit of Sananda. In keeping with the changing times, the magazine has been sharing with its readers the secret of spices and beauty tips on the one hand to the art of managing a difficult boss, the tricks of the stock market and the craft of cooking diet desserts on the other.

Newly introduced sections on intellectual, social and financial empowerment such as Alochona (debate), Ashadharon (on women achievers), Roop (beauty), fashion and Rakamari Rojgar (interesting ways of earning money) maintain this utilitarian spirit.

Said Madhumita Chattopadhyay, who took over as Sananda Editor earlier this year, “The mission of Sananda has always been to instill self confidence in a woman and to empower her. Both Sananda and the Bengali woman have grown together in the last 20 years, have become mature, and the inseparable cameraderie has helped the woman to become a leader wherever she is.”

At the ground level, going beyond print, the Sananda Club has evolved into a community of like minded women and a platform that has helped women establish their true identity in society. To this end the club has conducted workshops ranging from interior design to parenting, from cooking to investment plans, from make-up to atrocities against women.

The Sananda Sarad Sundari, which began in 1995, has gone on to become Sananda Tilottama, the biggest beauty pageant in the East. It has also gone on to become the launch pad for several aspiring supermodels, beauty queens and actresses including Bipasha Basu, Celina Jaitley, and Koena Mitra – some of its former winners.

To further extend its footprint, an Oriya edition of Sananda was launched in 2005. Avik De, Head, Bengali Magazines, ABP Group, said, “Sananda has spread its wings and extended to the Oriya edition, the Sananda Club, reader connect programmes and events like Tilottama and Sananda Carnival – all these efforts reinforce the brand connect with readers on the one hand and add value to advertisers on the other.”

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