‘Hindustan is a powerful idea whose time has now come’

‘Hindustan is a powerful idea whose time has now come’

Author | Abhijeet Mukherjee | Thursday, Apr 24,2008 8:04 AM

‘Hindustan is a powerful idea whose time has now come’

Hindustan, the Hindi daily from HT Media, has unveiled its new campaign spread across print, TV, radio, outdoor, and mobile. Created by Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman and National Creative Director, India & South Asia, O&M, the campaign plans to capture the minds of the Indian youth in the Hindi belt.

Neelanjan Shome, Chief Marketing Officer, HT Media Ltd, said, “In the last two years, we have substantially scaled up our internal capability. We believe we are now ready and that the time is right given the macro environment and the competitive benefit that Hindustan is able to deliver. Hindustan is a powerful idea whose time has now come.”

“India and, in particular, the non-metro towns are undergoing a rapid metamorphosis. Young people in these towns have huge aspirations and are looking for all the help they can get to access and realise the opportunities that the new India offers. As a credible and strong brand, Hindustan will aid in preparing our young and to help them create a better tomorrow for themselves,” he added.

Shome further said, “We believe that such a complete rehaul around one core central proposition – of getting our young ready – and comprehensively communicating that to our audience through a concerted multi-media effort might indeed be the first ever attempted by any vernacular print brand in India so far.”

“Hindustan is a consumer brand,” Shome said, adding, “To that extent, it will fight for its share of the consumer’s mind across product categories, and most certainly within the media brand firmament. As far as communication is concerned, we will be using television, print outdoor, radio, mobile – a comprehensive 360-degree wraparound of the audience in the Hindi belt.”

The central proposition, the raison d’etre of Hindustan’s existence is ‘Hindustan will help you prepare for success’.

He further said, “Newspapers are read by the entire family. As a product, Hindustan meets the requirements of the entire family. However, the biggest opportunity is to catalyse change in the life of the young, so it is this class of readers and non-readers that we want to appeal to. Hindustan’s mission is to get the Hindi-belt youth ready in their journey towards success in today’s India.”

On being asked whether there was any specific reason for Piyush Pandey handling the campaign himself, Shome replied, “Piyush is a dear friend of HT Media, besides being the ‘Captain of Ogilvy’, the advertising agency for Hindustan. As the leader of Ogilvy, he is actively (and passionately) involved in all our key projects, working with the key people concerned. It is Ogilvy that created this spectacular campaign. We keenly appreciate the support that Piyush brought to Ajay Gahlaut (Creative Head of Ogilvy Delhi) and team.”

This may be the beginning of a sea change in marketing media brands in the country feels Shome. “There have been few attempts to market media brand assets led through the delivery of a core central benefit. Hindustan’s mission is to get our young ready for success. Hindustan will live that mission everyday,” he affirmed.

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