‘Food & Nightlife’ magazine to hit Mumbai newsstands from May

‘Food & Nightlife’ magazine to hit Mumbai newsstands from May

Author | Nitin Pandey | Wednesday, Apr 28,2010 8:37 AM

‘Food & Nightlife’ magazine to hit Mumbai newsstands from May

‘Food & Nightlife’, a monthly magazine from, will be available in the Mumbai market from the first week of May. It may be recalled that the magazine was launched in October last year in the Delhi market. To attract more readers, the magazine has increased the number of pages from 72 to 100 and also added a new section completely dedicated to fashion and lifestyle.

Sumit Goyal, Editor-in-Chief, Food and Nightlife Magazine, said, “In the last eight months, we have received an overwhelming response from Delhi and its people. I am expecting the same from Mumbai. Our content strategy for Mumbai is very much similar to Delhi’s, but we have changed the orientation of the magazine in bits and pieces. With every upcoming issue, we want to bring more plug-ins from the FMCG and liquor industries for our readers, as these facets have also become an integral part of our lifestyle nowadays.”

“Our effort is to provide the much needed information to all those who love to eat, party and hang out. The difference lies in the medium, and our approach is fresh and innovative,” Goyal added.

Taking the feedback received from readers and industry gurus into consideration, the magazine has also added a section completely dedicated to fashion and lifestyle, covering latest trends, beauty essentials, luxury indulgence, hot wheels, art and travel.

‘Food and Nightlife’ magazine’s maiden issue in Mumbai talks about the hit flavours of the Mumbai food circuit with a twist. The issue also gives a detailed insight into the first fusion cuisine of the ‘Anglo-Indian’, which is on its last legs. The issue carries the special ‘India’s Top Ten’ section to identify who makes up India’s establishment, has always made the news, flattered some and rankled many in the F&B sector. ‘Seven Sins’ tells the story of the most exotic liqueurs in the world.

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