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Pitch brings to you the e4m Pitch Top 50 Brands, an annual property of Pitch, from the exchange4media Group with an objective to unveil the top 5 brands in 10 categories. The list is a means to acknowledge the impactful, efficient and commendable marketing practices being upheld by brands in various categories. The process aims to identify the best approaches with respect to idea and innovation, consumer connect, communication impact, execution and results.


This identifies brands that take the ownership of doing well for the society. This can manifest through a great public awareness campaign, supporting a cause, raising money etc. We are definitely looking at brands who have been doing the same over the last year and was not a one-off publicity stunt. The top brands here should have ideally gained a lot of traction with the issue that they raised / supported.


  • Importance and scope of the social cause
  • Integration of the social cause with the brand products and services
  • Synergy between the social cause and the brand positioning


These are the brands which made a resounding entry into the market. This includes completely new brands as well as strong brand extensions in a completely new category. The brand should have had launched in the last year – and have had shown its impact in the market through various means – advertising, positive word of mouth etc.


  • Consumer response at launch and post launch
  • Customer engagement done by the brand
  • Creative launch activities that broke the clutter (includes both BTL and ATL activities)


These are classic and timeless brands that we have seen over the last few decades. The eligibility here is at least 25 years. This category will look at brands that have managed to adapt itself based on changing market trends and continue to be successful today. Should ideally have had some form of brand revamp in the last year.


  • Successful brands respositoning
  • brand recall clear and consistent positioning


These are brands that have spread their roots worldwide. It is important here that the brand should have had organic growth eg expansion of Indian brands into foreign markets. While acquisition of foreign brands can also be considered, typically that will receive less weight.


  • Global brand image that has recognition and acceptability across countries;
  • Ability to localize their products and offerings


This identifies brands that have made a comeback in the market. While this need not look typically at rags to riches stories, there does need to be an element of a brand losing its market space and managing to recover the same through concerted efforts. This can also include brands that were in the spotlight for some wrong reasons eg poor customer feedback; but managed to win back customers.


  • Ability to ensure strong brand positioning and being vocal in the market
  • The extent to which customer are loyal to the brand


These are brands that are aimed at the masses. This need not be looked at merely from a rural viewpoint – but as an approach towards the masses (eg sub-urban). It is crucial here that these brands have huge volumes; and more importantly are developing the category, and not merely being a cheap inferior alternative to the leader in the market. The product positioning should genuinely be value for money and not compromising on any front.


  • Value for money
  • Efforts at market development


This will look at brands that have managed to establish connect with people. The approach might be different (for example a master connector might be a FMCG company OR a person) but the effort is directed at being a people – brand. Over the last year – these master connectors would have their own legion of followers. For this category, scale is definitely very important. A niche product that managed to have a cult following might not have the scope to be awarded a high rank here.


  • Constant interaction and message – feedback loop with people
  • Ability to identification issues related to a large segment of people – and being able to spearhead an initiative / conversation about the same


These are technology driven brands. It might be a technology product (like an app) or a technology enabled product. It is important that technology is integral to the brand functioning and creates a core competency. It is not necessary that the company sells a technology product. It is possible that it is using off – the – shelf technology (like online advertising) – but if the same is being used in a completely unique way and is enabling the company to reap success – the same would also be considered.


  • Creation of USP / having first mover advantage through use of technology
  • Ability to promote use of technology to a larger – and hitherto untapped audience base


These are brands that have challenged the conventional thinking in the market, and they did this not by merely replicating a previous business model but by completely redesigning the market based on customer insight. These are brands that were not afraid to step out of the mould of their industry.


  • Ability to identify gap in the market
  • Ability to be mobile and nimble; cutting middleman if required


This is a new category. With a growing appetite for luxury brands in the country; and more and more luxury labels across all sectors making its foray into India, we felt this category definitely warranted a mention. Here we identify brands that are luxury (and not merely premium).


  • The quality of service and response to consumers
  • Ability to maintain tight control on social media and communication on selective media outlets

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