UTV’s Pankaj Krishna puts in his papers, to set up his own business

UTV’s Pankaj Krishna puts in his papers, to set up his own business

Author | Swapna Rahul Shah | Thursday, Dec 11,2008 7:03 AM

UTV’s Pankaj Krishna puts in his papers, to set up his own business

Pankaj Krishna, Head of UTV Entertainment Television Ltd (UTVETL), has put in his papers. He is setting up his own business venture in the media and real estate space. At UTVETL, Krishna has been responsible for two channels – UTV Movies and World Movies. He will continue to be with UTV for the next couple of months to ensure a smooth transition.

Krishna’s business will focus broadly on three verticals – ‘Design’, edifice concepts and architectural drawings; ‘Development’, turnkey execution of designer commercial projects; and ‘Media’, one-stop solutions for media strategy, planning and buying and creative. With facilities in Delhi and Mumbai, the corporate office would be headquartered in Delhi. The first two verticals would be directly managed by Krishna, while the third vertical would be launched in partnership with an existing media company. He, however, refused to divulge details about the partner firm as well as about the funding for his businesses at this point.

Commenting on the choice of business, Krishna said, “I see exponential growth in the second vertical, infrastructure development, as a major chunk of this is part of a largely unorganised segment, and it is the right time for someone to corporatise the same.”

Speaking on the global meltdown, he said, “I view the current situation as a brilliant opportunity, and have a focused strategy to surge forward. For anyone who has been able to manage funding, this is an opportune time as barriers to entry are limited and there is no dearth of good talent available. This time can be a huge advantage for low cost businesses to enter into new arenas”.

He further said, “Given the global meltdown, businesses with international affiliation would suffer directly. Luckily, we have no such dependence, and most importantly, we have the liberty to work without interference from anyone.”

Media organisations will continue to focus on being lean as they slash costs and manpower. Owing to this, many key activities will be outsourced. Krishna wants to be able to provide such advice and inputs to media companies.

Krishna has 12 years’ experience in the media space and brings with him a rare combination of knowledge and skills that span across brand management, advertising sales, distribution, media buying, research, and on-air presentation and strategy. Previously, he was with Living Media, where he was responsible for marketing the India Today brand. He has also worked with National Geographic Channel, where he began his stint on the distribution side of the business and later as Brand Manager, he was responsible for conceptualising and driving all the marketing and related initiatives.

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