Senior management changes at Radio Mirchi. Sameer Soni is Regional Director (Western Region)

Senior management changes at Radio Mirchi. Sameer Soni is Regional Director (Western Region)

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Monday, Mar 21,2005 7:07 AM

Senior management changes at Radio Mirchi. Sameer Soni is Regional Director (Western Region)

Radio Mirchi is setting its house in order before it gets on with the expansion plans. For starters, Sameer Soni (Station Head Mumbai) is now Regional Director (Western Region) and is responsible for Ahmedabad and Pune markets in addition to the home turf.

Meanwhile, Nandan Srinath (currently Station Head, Delhi) is now heading the Kolkata operations as well, under the position of Regional Director (North and East). Romen Soodh is made Regional Director, South. Earlier he was Station Head in Chennai and was also looking after the sales operations in Hyderabad and Bangalore

Sameer Sainani, Radio Mirchi Mumbai Marketing Head, has moved on as Station Head, Pune. On the other hand, the erstwhile Station Head of Pune, Gautam Shahane, is now going to head Mirchi Activation. This new division is providing clients with multimedia and marketing solutions, apart from on-air coverage.

Said Prashant Pandey, COO, Radio Mirchi, "We are going to embark on an expansion drive in the near future and we are looking towards setting ourselves in new markets. Currently, we are placed quite firmly in seven markets and are doing well in these. Mirchi Activation is just taking our commitment further, and providing clients with both multimedia and marketing solutions. This wing would be based in all seven markets, within the Mirchi office in each of these regions. Gautam Shahane who was earlier the Station Head of Pune, is going to head Mirchi Activation. We are currently recruiting a team for it."

Pandey added, "As of now, the Mirchi network is divided into three Regional Directors. Sameer Soni is now Regional Director (western region), Nandan Srinath is Regional Director of North and East, and lastly Romen Soodh is Regional Director South. We felt that in tandem with our expansion plans, we ought to segregate areas more firmly, and keep a regional head in place."

Meanwhile, Sameer Soni who is quite excited about his elevated position in Mirchi, said, "I am really looking forward to my role as the business head of the western region. The responsibility allotted is humungous and there is a task before me, to grow the revenues substantially. Thus the role becomes highly challenging. The three markets are very diverse, and the diversity brings with it a lot of excitement. The most critical part about the new mandate is people management which would determine the success of my new assignment."

Nandan Srinath said, "From the revenue point, every market has its own DNA. While we are far ahead of our game in Delhi, Kolkata would be a challenge of a different kind. My mandate is to grow revenues substantially for the region, and put better systems and operations in place. I see this entire re-structuring bit, as a move to ensure consolidation of all our existing systems. Very often, a single corporate can't give the same kind of focus to every station. This move would bring greater focus for all the stations (irrespective of whether they are based in west, east or south.)"

As a separate development, Sandeep Sud who was Retail Sales Head in Chennai is now the Bangalore Sales Head.

Certain roles remain unchanged, though. Farid Quereshi continues to remain as the National Sales Head. Also, Alok Purohit, Indore Station Head continues to report directly to COO Pandey. Pandey said, "Since Indore was our very first radio station, we have certain emotions associated with it. This relationship remains unchanged."

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