Senior creative hand Ranjan Ebenezer Thomas joins Chennai-based WOC Advertising

Senior creative hand Ranjan Ebenezer Thomas joins Chennai-based WOC Advertising

Author | Gokul Krishnamurthy | Wednesday, Jan 25,2006 9:46 AM

Senior creative hand Ranjan Ebenezer Thomas joins Chennai-based WOC Advertising

Chennai-based WOC Advertising Enterprize has a new Creative Director in Ranjan Ebenezer Thomas. Thomas carries with him over two decades of experience, and his last assignment was as Consultant based in Mumbai, working with leading agencies. He joined WOC on January 23.

On his move to a smaller outfit, Thomas said, “If you ask me why I wanted to leave large agencies, I would say it’s because nothing is happening there. From one large agency to another, it was becoming a routine of doing the same things. While a big agency is great in terms of systems -- and I would be comfortable in any of them -- I would love to use the large agency experience here, working with a team and proving myself everyday.”

Thomas started his career in 1982 with MAA South in Bangalore, subsequently shifting to Thomson Chennai, before moving to Delhi to join Ulka. After a stint at Everest Saatchi in Delhi, he joined Mudra Ahmedabad, handling Vimal and Rasna. As Creative Director, he was involved with the creative duties of all the branches of Mudra. Moving down South again, he joined Chaitra in Bangalore, followed by a stint with BPL’s in-house agency Kanerad before he set up his own ad film company. In 2000, he returned to mainline advertising as Consultant, and has worked with several leading agencies since then.

Said Thomas, “Chennai as a market is very exciting. Where I come from, which is Mumbai, people look at Chennai as a place where nothing happens. The city has done some fantastic work, and shops like WOC have done good work, with great attention to retail. While a fair number of people in Chennai are looking at Bangalore, Mumbai and other markets, I think Chennai has always been a very earthy place with no pretensions.”

For WOC, which has just bagged its first national account in Dixcy, his joining them is a shot in the arm.

Amuthan, MD of WOC, said, “Ranjan fits in perfectly with our game plan. The attempt is to temper the inherent aggression we have with his experience. More so, as we are looking at national clients now, and that is the focus for this year. We are also looking to bring in this kind of experience in other departments like art and servicing.”

So one expects more senior-level people moving into the Chennai-based shop, which has just won the award for ‘best service provider’ to one of its retail clients, Chennai Silks.

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