Reorganising at Rediffusion DYR; designations dismantled

Reorganising at Rediffusion DYR; designations dismantled

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Jul 20,2007 9:08 AM

Reorganising at Rediffusion DYR; designations dismantled

Under the charge of President Mahesh Chauhan, Rediffusion DYR had recently induced a corporate division that also looked at new business development. This was one of the first changes that Chauhan had made in the organisation. The next big one comes now, when Rediffusion DYR has decided to flatten its hierarchies and streamline designations.

The organisation has identified two finite functions – creative and brand. In the new structure, there are three levels, that of an associate, a partner, wherein the professionals would head a business, and then overall heads. Each level has a creative role and a brand role, hence there are creative associates and brand associates, creative partners and brand partners, and then business heads and creative heads.

The Rediffusion DYR ecosystem (branch offices) is replicated across markets today, wherein each operation has substantial businesses. These would be headed by a business head and a creative head.

This is overarched by a chief strategy officer, who at present is Arvind Mohan, and a national creative director.

Chauhan explained that there were various reasons to bring in such a structure. “There is a temptation today to chase designations and now that this target is gone, people would just want to be great advertising professionals, and we are giving them every input to achieve that.” He cited the appointment of a full time training manager, who joins in a month’s time as a step in that direction.

Chauhan also pointed out that designations were given more importance in the industry when agencies were shying away from giving good remunerations. Designations would change but the roles remained the same. He said, “We are not just giving them the right remuneration, but when there would be a change in their designation, there would be a real change in their roles as well, and with in the same levels, there are grades to distinguish the more experienced hands.”

With the national roles, and the following three roles, there are four layers, wherein three grades are placed in each level except for the first level. The fourth level is the junior most, where 4 C is the entry level in the organisation. Unlike other levels, that have Grades A, B and C, level 1 only has Grade A and Grade B.

Chauhan also explained that important markets like Mumbai and Delhi might even have regional creative directors, depending on which areas these offices branched further into. When asked whether there were specific plans to expand regionally in this fashion, Chauhan replied, “We want to add more successful ecosystems that can compete with the best in the industry.”

Another interesting change that the agency wants to bring in is at the technological level. Even as servicing as a function was never really there, the new structure would see digital solutions in place for all hygiene operations of the agency. “We are in the process of creating a full operational front end that would be in place by January 2008,” informed Chauhan.

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