PepsiCo sends 2 more hotshots on global mission

PepsiCo sends 2 more hotshots on global mission

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Friday, Jun 01,2007 9:24 AM

PepsiCo sends 2 more hotshots on global mission

NEW DELHI: PepsiCo's Indian incubator has despatched two more stars on global assignment. PepsiCo India's executive vice-president (marketing) Vipul Prakash, is on his way to New York on a global posting starting July.

Along with him, Saurabh Gupta, general manager (operations - central India) has just moved to Bangkok. Mr Prakash, an IIM-A alumnus who has had over eight year stint with PepisCo India, would now be Flavours Director, PepsiCo International. He will also double up as a team member for PepsiCo's digital marketing arm there. Mr Gupta, on the other hand, is now director, GTM systems and IT sales, Asia Region.

Apart from global assignments for the executive level, PepsiCo India has also sent three others at the manager level on international assignments this year.

Talking about these cross-border critical experiences, Pavan Bhatia, Pepsi's executive director (HR) said, “We have identified 15 critical experiences and cross-border experiences is one of them. Sharing of best practices of two different businesses only in helps cross-pollination.

It's a win-win for both the businesses.” While Indian operations grow through such rich international exposures, PepsiCo itself benefits in different markets since executives going overseas implement best practices from India, adds Bhatia.

The stress on these cross-border exchanges is part of the 'people plan' at PepsiCo with all employees at various levels being considered for a stint in the global systems.

So be it the erstwhile CEO of PepsiCo India, Rajeev Bakshi who was recently relocated to Hong Kong or Vibha Paul Rishi, who was shifted to New York in 2002, or even managers, everyone is in the ambit of talent exchange at the cola major. Most of these international stints at PepsiCo are open-ended with no fixed tenure. And there is an emphasis on not only cross-border experiences, but even cross-vertical exchanges.

While the hunt for a replacement for Mr Prakash is still on, Mr Gupta's portfolio has been split amongst the GM's of South & West operations.

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