Gita Ram leaves OMS to join Synovate

Gita Ram leaves OMS to join Synovate

Author | Ashish Singh | Thursday, Jul 15,2004 8:25 AM

Gita Ram leaves OMS to join Synovate

Gita Ram has quit OMS as its Delhi Head, and joined Synovate India as General Manager –Qualitative Research. “This is the field where I belong. I have worked closely with Unilever brands, primarily tea, coffee and kids’ products, and have had been associated with different qualitative research in all fields. Somewhere along the way I found my true calling is in QR and I am happy to return to my field.”

In early part of her career, Gita had been associated with Quantum Market Research, a specialist QR agency. She has also worked with O&M (Bangalore), Quantum (Bangalore), Grey (Mumbai) and Carat (Mumbai), before moving to OMS to take charge of the Rs 150-crore Samsung account. She was with OMS for less than a year.

As she put it, Gita would help Synovate expand business, with a special focus on the women oriented category.

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