Charulata Ravi Kumar bids adieu to 141 Worldwide and Bates Enterprise

Charulata Ravi Kumar bids adieu to 141 Worldwide and Bates Enterprise

Author | Tuhina Anand | Wednesday, Dec 13,2006 8:37 AM

Charulata Ravi Kumar bids adieu to 141 Worldwide and Bates Enterprise

Putting an end to speculations that have been doing the rounds in the industry, Charulata Ravi Kumar has confirmed that she is moving out of 141 Worldwide and Bates Enterprise. She has been instrumental in setting up 141 Worldwide in India, a through-the-line marketing services company of Bates Enterprise, and is its Country Head. She is also the Executive Vice-President of Bates Enterprise.

Talking about her move, Kumar said, “There is no real or big reason to move on. I have built 141 Worldwide from scratch in India and have enjoyed every single moment of it. Simultaneously, I have also been looking after Bates Enterprise offices at different locations at various point of time. I am now looking at taking on a new kind of challenge.”

On her next assignment, she said, “I think this is a well deserved break as I have been working relentlessly for the past four years. I have three offers at the moment and one is of increased responsibility within the WPP Group. I will take a decision on this in three weeks’ time. The next opportunity should give me either the challenge to create something from scratch, or else co-create the existing business and make it a larger entity.”

Kumar would, however, continue with her current responsibilities as she is working on some strategic plans for the clients for next year.

She further said that her successor had not been finalised yet, and probably 141 Worldwide would undergo a restructuring. She refused to divulge further information as details were still being worked out. Bates Enterprise is also going through a churn with the merger of David and new designations being worked out hence, nothing could be established as to who would take her responsibilities at Bates Enterprise.

Kumar began her career with Sista in Kolkata after which she moved to JWT. She then joined Clarion, where she spent close to three and a half years before moving to Lintas in Kolkata. After this, she moved to the Middle East, where she was supposed to continue with Lintas, though later she joined Grey and after a while moved to Bates. She then moved to the UK, where she moved to 141 Worldwide. When she got an opportunity to move to India, she did so even though there were other options available. Kumar moved back to India four years back to set up 141 Worldwide in India. She has been with Bates for eight and a half years.

While in India, the first year was spent in setting up 141 Worldwide in Kolkata and Delhi. In the second year while 141 was set up in Mumbai, she was also given the additional responsibility of Bates Enterprise as Business Head for the Delhi office and then as the Branch Head of Bates Delhi. At various points of time she was heading Bates Kolkata and new businesses in Bangalore, and eventually last year she moved to Bates Mumbai while all the while she was looking after 141 Worldwide.

She sounded positive about her juggling between Bates Enterprise and 141 Worldwide. Said Kumar, “I think it was convenient set-up as it was easy to integrate ATL and BTL solutions for the client and do away with the conflict that might arise had these been two different entities under two different people. I think, because of this we were able to do some cutting edge work for our clients such as the Nokia ‘Defend your turf’ campaign.”

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