Bikram Vohra to join Khaleej Times as Senior Editorial Advisor

Bikram Vohra to join Khaleej Times as Senior Editorial Advisor

Author | Rohan Dua | Monday, Aug 03,2009 8:16 AM

Bikram Vohra to join Khaleej Times as Senior Editorial Advisor

Veteran journalist Bikram Vohra has been invited to join UAE’s leading English daily Khaleej Times in the capacity of Senior Editorial Advisor. This is the third time that Vohra will be associated with the newspaper.

Confirming the news to exchange4media, Vohra said, “I have been offered the job of Senior Editorial Advisor to Khaleej Times. This is my third stint with this paper, so it’s like coming home.”

He further said, “Though I have not formally joined the publication yet, but the task ahead will be to give the paper a little more muscle and make it even more successful.”

When asked about the issue of declining print readership, he said, “The industry will survive, never mind all the dire predictions to the contrary. No video screen can beat the texture of paper in the morning. They said radio would be killed by TV. Radio is taking the mickey out of TV. As for a newspaper, its content needs to be dynamic. Though I will say that supplements tend to become the Siberia for the newsroom, and that is unfair because it is a moneyspinner and a great bridge between the editorial and marketing.”

According to Vohra, “If there is one drastic change needed across the board, it is for journalists to shift from giving the news to giving educated views on the news, like the same why, when, what for, who, whatever, especially the whatever, and they can do that only if they specialize, which in our part of the world they do not.”

Vohra, who started very early in his pursuits, has over 37 years’ experience and over 22,000 articles in more than 100 newspapers and magazines to his credit. He started his career with The Illustrated Weekly of India under its then Editor and one of India’s leading columnists and author Khushwant Singh. At the age of 27, he became Resident Editor of Indian Express’ Ahmedabad edition.

In 1985, he went to Dubai to re-launch Gulf News, a publication where he was Group Managing Editor till 1989. A year later, Vohra took over as Editor of Khaleej Times and was with the paper till 1995. In the next two years, he worked on the launch of an English daily, Gulf Today, where he was appointed its Editor in 1997. Later, he decided to set up his media shop. By that time, Vohra had scored a unique distinction of being the only person to have edited all three English dailies in the UAE.

Vohra’s second stint with Khaleej Times came in 2002, when he joined the publication as its Special Projects Editor and helped it launch a supplement, City Times. Later, he also became the Editor of Weekend magazine. In 2004, he took over as Editor, Emirates Evening Post, in Dubai. Four years later, he joined Bahrain Tribune its Editor. After a brief hiatus, Vohra joined Media Dubai Sports City as Director in the later half of 2009, while continuing to write columns for leading publications across the world. He currently has five columns published on a regular basis.

Khaleej Times is one of the leading English dailies in the UAE and holds the unique distinction of being the first English newspaper to be launched in the UAE in 1978. With its headquarters in Dubai, the publication is said to have a readership of more than 450,000.

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