Anup Chitnis and Rensil D Silva join O&M as Senior Creative Directors

Anup Chitnis and Rensil D Silva join O&M as Senior Creative Directors

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Friday, Jan 14,2005 7:06 AM

Anup Chitnis and Rensil D Silva join O&M as Senior Creative Directors

The creative duo, Anup Chitnis and Rensil D Silva have joined O&M as Senior Creative Directors. After close to a seven-year-old stint at Mudra, the two had put in their papers to start a production house on their own initiative. Says Chitnis, “Though setting up a production house was our dream for this long, we decided that it didn’t quite match up to the thrill of the agency business. We missed the excitement of drafting out storyboards… carefully sifting through client briefs… and brainstorming on creative ideas. Especially when we have delivered films such as Hindustan Petroleum Cruise, McDonald’s and award winning spots such as ‘Gheun Tak’ to our credit. When we were offered the position of Senior Creative Director, at a well reputed agency such as O&M…we took it up readily. And it’s going pretty well!”

Meanwhile, Nishi Suri, Head, O&M Mumbai asserts, “We have acquired plenty of new businesses, over the last year and it was our intention to strengthen the creative leadership in the company in order to support the existing flow of businesses. Our senior cadre was getting a bit stretched, owing to the increasing workload. Both Anup Chitnis and Rensil D Silva carry with them nearly 10 years of experience…and they have worked together in three different agencies. Prior to joining us, they had started a production house of their own…but in time, decided that they missed working in an advertising agency. We approached them for a position in our creative department, and they accepted.”

Suri adds, “I am sure that the two of them would keep the ball rolling for O&M, and would generate fantastic output for our existing clients.”

How did the duo begin their partnership? D Silva began his career with ad films and documentaries. He joined J Walther Thompson in the year 1991 and subsequently worked in Rediffusion DY&R, Saatchi& Saatchi and Mudra. Chitnis on the other hand began his career at Nucleus, renamed as Metaphor. The two came together as a copy writer and art director team at Rediffusion, and since then have always moved together in the agency circles.

With the production house chapter firmly behind the duo, any regrets? Chitnis asserts, “None so far. We have always done what’s close to our heart and continue to do so. And we have managed the partnership pretty well till now…it’s a decade long partnership, one which has generated a significant amount of work for the ad industry.”

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