Ajay Chandwani joins Percept H as CEO

Ajay Chandwani joins Percept H as CEO

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Feb 22,2005 8:00 AM

Ajay Chandwani joins Percept H as CEO

Percept H is seeing its share of action and more in terms of its people power. Only last month, the organisation had roped in Prabhakar Mundkur as its COO and now making a few more strategic changes. Percept H has appointed former SSC&B Lintas President, Ajay Chandwani as CEO. With this change, the current CEO, Rajesh Pant is gearing up to handle the agencies forthcoming overseas joint ventures.

For Chandwani, this is sheer excitement. Says he, "Percept H is a rare example, which sees a combination of the entrepreneur skills of Percept and the multinational advantage of Hakuhodo. In effect, this provides an excellent opportunity for doing some great and effective advertising."

As for what is expected of him on his new assignment, he says, "Percept H has various strengths which have not been projected so far. Apart from boosting the agency's growth, my role would also be to merchandise these strengths."

Already in his new job, Chandwani is looking forward to what is in store for him and so is Rajesh Pant. Sharing more on the change in his profile, Pant says, "I think this is probably one of the firsts, when an Indian company would be entering international markets rather than the other way round. In this itself, this is a huge challenge and I am looking forward to it."

The handover is still in process at the agency and the mood sure is upbeat with the new skills in the top management. Harindra Singh, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Percept IMC says, "Talent like Ajay and seasoned professionals like Rajesh growing our businesses overseas will grow our group further. I am very optimistic at the developments and wish both of them every success forward."

"Working with Prabhakar and the group growing further are serious signals about the agency's way forward and I am delighted to be associated with it all," says Chandwani.

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