Zapak goes offline to promote their online games

Zapak goes offline to promote their online games

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Tuesday, Jan 02,2007 8:42 AM

Zapak goes offline to promote their online games

Continuing with its innovative marketing efforts, Zapak.com has launched a new outdoor campaign with a live mountaineer climbing up and down a mountain replica on a billboard in Mumbai. The online gaming portal from Reliance Entertainment also created a Paintball arena during IIT Powai’s inter college festival recently, where players got the real life experience of the popular online game.

Zapak, with an advertising and marketing budget of around $2 million for the launch phase, has been creating a lot of buzz about the portal through traditional and outdoor as well as ambient media.

Elaborating on the experiential marketing adopted by Zapak, Arun Mehra, CMO, Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd, said, “Ours is no more a product economy, but an experiential economy. Experiential marketing, once seen as an alternative approach to reach the most media-savvy audience, offers an engaging, entertaining and interactive brand experience unmatched by any other form of traditional marketing.”

The latest outdoor campaign of a man climbing the mountain is being carried out at Kemps Corner in Mumbai. At the ‘Paintball’ event at the IIT Powai fest – Mood Indigo 2006 – 8,000 square feet of land was made to look like a jungle terrain and two were teams pitted against each other with army gears, masks, guns, et al, thus recreating a real life version of the online game of the same name.

In the past, too, Zapak had employed several initiatives in the outdoor medium with stickers being placed at various places across malls and multiplexes to bring out the gaming spirit in everyone.

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