When billboard ‘Nautanki’ is used strategically...

When billboard ‘Nautanki’ is used strategically...

Author | Priyanka Nair | Friday, Jan 25,2013 7:54 PM

When billboard ‘Nautanki’ is used strategically...

Three decades ago, it was every film star’s dream to be on billboards across the city of dreams, Mumbai, promoting their forthcoming releases. The dream continues today too but the styles of being on billboards have changed. Now the volume of outdoor impressions of films promotions doesn’t matter, but the way it is done makes all the difference. T-Series–Ramesh Sippy Entertainment produced movie ‘Nautanki Saala’ takes this thought process a notch up.

Bollywood has created legendary characters that have become icons over the years and the list includes lead players from Ramesh Sippy's blockbuster ‘Sholay’. Apart from being remembered for these key characters such as Gabbar Singh, Basanti, Jai and Veeru, Sholay will also be remembered for some of its memorable scenes – one of them being a suicide scene on a water tank.

For releasing the movie’s first poster, Nautanki Saala’s lead cast Ayushmann Khurrana and Kunal Roy Kapur planned an act of a similar scale. The objective was to grab people’s attention at the first look of their movie which is directed by Rohan Sippy.

Khurrana and Kapur turned into the new age Jai and Veeru respectively and re-created the same scene on one of the busy traffic junctions in Mumbai. As a part of the act, Khurrana stood on a billboard platform on the Link road in suburban Andheri, while Kapur climbed on top of it to perform the scene inspired from 'Sholay', which originally had Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan. The campaign was executed on Bright Outdoor’s billboard spot.

Kapur, in the avatar of Veeru, mouthed the famous lines of Dharmendra: "Gaon walo main suicide karne jaa raha hun," while Khurrana acted as ‘Jai’ i.e. Bachchan, trying to convince Kapur not to jump. Kapur came down with the help of a fire cable, thereby unveiling the poster of the film in an unusual way.

The first look shows Khurrana as Ravaan with 10 heads and Kapur as a sad character dressed up as nautanki wala. With theatre being at the backdrop of the film, the lead actors are dressed up in their characters in the first look. The poster was simultaneously launched on various digital platforms. The movie is scheduled to be releasing on April 12 2013.

Activations, public appearances are few initiatives that lead characters of Bollywood movies have always initiated but integrating drama and unveiling a marketing activity, utilising the OOH medium in an unprecedented manner, is something new for audiences in India.

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