View 24*7 launches OOH TV channel Sellivision

View 24*7 launches OOH TV channel Sellivision

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Tuesday, Dec 18,2007 6:24 AM

View 24*7 launches OOH TV channel Sellivision

View 24*7, the OOH division from Intellvisions, despite its late entry in the growing OOH industry in the country, is confident of creating a mark in this space with its interactive OOH advertising services. The company claims to have tied up with nearly 300 restaurants along with some stores for putting up their display screens, which would air its OOH TV channel Sellivision.

Launched in February 2007, View 24*7 intends to service the dine-in restaurants for OOH adverts along with some innovative in-store displays. According to Nayan Bheda, President, View 24*7, as consumer lifestyles were undergoing a paradigm shift, it was getting difficult for advertisers to catch them. “We have identified restaurants as one area where consumers have leisure time of close to an hour. Hence, we are entertaining him through our channel and making him more involved, thereby, creating more value for money to our advertisers,” he said.

The company has reportedly tied up with all ranges of restaurants, including fine-diners and regular joints. Stressing that the company’s uniqueness with restaurant displays was its attention span from consumers, Bheda pointed out, “Other OOH players are tying up with malls and multiplexes, which has a moving crowd with attention spans of around a second. It also adds to the visual noise in those places and gets lost.”

“Ads on these mediums might captivate, but surely are not interactive. Restaurants are a places where consumers have leisure time on their hands and are receptive to such involvements like playing games. We have already tied up with international partners for raffle ticket games that are being aired over the network already,” he added.

Talking about Sellivision, Bheda said that the company was moving away from digital signages to an OOH TV channel. “We are talking about entertaining and amusing the customer just like a television channel does at home. In fact, we want consumers to come back to the restaurant or store to watch our channel. As of now, we are airing interactive games and small entertainment tidbits. We are also in talks with some content providers for additional content,” he further said.

“Another unique feature with our in-store displays is the placement of LCD screens. While others are putting them near the ceilings, we are placing them on the aisles, which is at the consumer’s eye level,” Bheda said. The interactive mechanism with View24*7, as of now, is SMS-based and drop boxes. The company is also exploring the possibility of airing a feature length movie at restaurants in the coming future through its network of LCD screens.

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