TOI’s Crest Edition now takes the outdoor route

TOI’s Crest Edition now takes the outdoor route

Author | Abhishek Chanda | Wednesday, Nov 25,2009 7:57 AM

TOI’s Crest Edition now takes the outdoor route

After a national launch campaign, The Crest Edition from The Times of India Group has embarked on the second phase of the campaign. While in the initial phase the paper had taken the print route to reach out to its TG and announce its arrival, the second phase will see itself taking up outdoor hoardings in prime locations across top metros as well as in cities like Indore and Chandigarh.

“The reason is simple,” explained Rahul Kansal, Chief Marketing Officer, The Times of India, adding, “The Crest Edition is a niche offering. So, after the launch, the feedback that we got suggested that a lot of readers are taking active interest in the supplement. As a result, we decided to expand the visibility of the campaign that will add to the appeal and tapped into other mediums.”

According to him, outdoor as a medium added to the whole sense of arrival, and for The Crest Edition, which is still in its ‘launch phase’, the medium adds to the scheme of things.

The outdoor creatives are adaptations of the second leg of the print campaign. The four hoardings bear the body copy – ‘Peep into the world’ – and have four different faces, (a naxalite, a Chinese man, a religious leader and a model) each with a window on their forehead.

TapRoot India handles the creative duties for the brand and the campaign has been conceived by Agnello Dias and Santosh Padhi. However, the outdoor duties for the brand are being handled in-house.

Commenting on the campaign, Santosh ‘Paddy’ Padhi, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, TapRoot India, said, “The Crest Edition is a weekend paper and constitutes a culmination of the week-long news stories as well thought provoking stories with insight. Our basic brief for the campaign was to target it at the niche English speaking TG and, therefore, a series of creatives that pick up the faces of recent issues and stories, asking the reader to read deep into them.”

The outdoor campaign is currently visible in Delhi and Mumbai. The paper has also branched into events and properties as a means of associating The Crest Edition with niche and intellectual things. Some of these events, which comprise plays, music concerts and food-related events, have already taken place in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. Bangalore will join this list soon, along with other cities.

The overall print campaign has been running for a month now and is expected to continue for another month. The outdoor campaign, which broke a week back, is expected to run for close to a month.

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