Times OOH’s innovative inflatable grabs eyeballs in Mumbai

Times OOH’s innovative inflatable grabs eyeballs in Mumbai

Author | Shikha Saroj | Monday, Feb 27,2006 7:14 AM

Times OOH’s innovative inflatable grabs eyeballs in Mumbai

You cannot miss this bus shelter if you are crossing VT Station in Mumbai. The brainchild of the out of home (OOH) division of the Times Group, the innovation involves putting up a huge inflatable chameleon on top of the bus shelter with the message ‘Size does not matter but visibility does’.

The giant chameleon instantly catches the eye of commuters and gives a taste of the immense possibilities of putting up such eye-catching three dimensional inflatables than mere two-dimensional surfaces.

Farid Kureshi, COO, Times Innovative Media Pvt Ltd, said, “The inflatable’s objective is to move away from conventional surfaces for advertising through OOH. Also, something as innovative as this ensures a higher brand recall. This is a powerful idea and highlights the creative landscape that is available for brands across all categories, for example, automobiles and FMCG companies.”

Commenting on the impact of an inflatable, Kureshi said, “Our communication is aimed at attracting more eyeballs and a three-dimensional feature is definitely more powerful than a two-dimensional one. Inflatables also highlight the brand much more effectively.”

He added, “We’ve had a fantastic response from clients. Advertising agencies and clients are waking up to the fact that outdoor advertising can be effective and interesting. Though we have only one inflatable at the VT station, we will put one up in the Mumbai suburbs in a few weeks.”

“Since we are media sellers, the advertising community and clients can expect many more innovations from Times OOH. We are soon going to put up large-scale video matrix walls in Mumbai. These will be similar to large display screens in Times Square and London. As these screens are very advanced technologically, they are weatherproof and have excellent picture quality.”

These screens can be operated remotely through a laptop and clients can buy particular time slots to reach their target audience.

“We will start with a 400 square feet screen as this is considered as an effective size for OOH advertising. The advantage of these screens is that moving images are much more popular to static images,” Kureshi said.

He added, “These screens take your message a step further and are advantageous because it is much cheaper than buying expensive airtime on TV for your commercials. You can also run your TVCs on these outdoor screens and this makes up for the high cost of producing commercials for TV only and enables greater brand recall and reinforcement.”

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