TDI Partners ASSOCHAM’s FMCG Summit & showcases the role of OOH

TDI Partners ASSOCHAM’s FMCG Summit & showcases the role of OOH

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Sep 12,2015 9:22 AM

TDI Partners ASSOCHAM’s FMCG Summit & showcases the role of OOH

TDI International India (P) Limited was the Outdoor Publicity Partner of ASSHOCHAM in the FMCG Summit held in August, 2015 in New Delhi. Ram Vilas Paswan, Honourable Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Government of India, was the Chief Guest of the Summit, which was held to discuss the issues and opportunities in the FMCG sector in India. FMCG is the fourth largest sector in the economy and is marked by a strong presence of MNCs. Fuelled by a ready availability of raw materials, lower labour costs, and presence across the value chain, the Indian FMCG is set to grow
at unprecedented rates.

FMCG has also been one of the most prominent investors of OOH media. Growing at a rate of 11%, the advertising spend is increasing further due to growing competition, expanding markets and decline in the raw material costs. TDI partnered the event aiming to expand its networks in the FMCG sector (which is a major clientele) and create a relationship with ASSOCHAM. TDI also used the occasion as an opportunity to showcase how the Outdoor Advertising media could be used as a vehicle to increase FMCG’s reach and growth.

Jatinder Singh, Senior Vice-President, TDI, remarked that OOH can be effectively used to create brand awareness, capture changed lifestyles, and capitalize on sub-urban growth. He said, ““Outdoor advertising creates a leap for the company undertaking it by giving it an access to the population it could never reach out to otherwise. For example, if we talk about migrant population from rural areas, who do not know to read and write, we find it amusing to know that a person could recognize a product and recall it through its image and creative he saw walking down the road.” He further added, “Most of the challenges that the industry faces are related to outreach and marketing. While the competition and other challenges are also mitigated by Outdoor Advertising, they are mostly catered to through price wars and offers by the companies concerned.”

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