TDI International and O&M execute airport media project for Hutch

TDI International and O&M execute airport media project for Hutch

Author | Shikha Saroj | Friday, May 26,2006 6:28 AM

TDI International and O&M execute airport media project for Hutch

TDI International has been in the business of airport advertising for almost 20 years now. It started its business in 1986 with three airports is today an airport media specialist for 15 major airports in metros and state capitals across India. The company has exclusive rights for advertising space both in and around domestic as well as international airports.

TDI has done some outstanding work for clients across various sectors such as telecom, oil, finance, FMCG, and hospitality. Some of TDI’s clients include Mercedes, General Motors, Electrolux, Indian Oil Corporation, LIC, Sony, Reebok, ITC Hotels, Virgin Atlantic, and Samsung.

Recently, TDI worked with O&M on a project for Hutch in Ahmedabad’s new airport. The project is fairly big as it is spread over an area of 6 sq km.

Manoj Gupta, Marketing Head - West, TDI International, said, “The basic idea was to set a benchmark in the way kiosks are done at any public place. Since the work was being done for the airport media, I wanted to project an idea and impression of a runway for the aircraft.”

After O&M and Hutch gave a go-ahead to this idea, TDI placed more than 70 illuminated kiosks in front of Ahmedabad airport’s departure terminal.

Commenting on airport advertising’s advantage over advertising in other areas, Gupta said, “Airport advertising is not outdoor advertising. It is more a form of niche marketing. It is great for those who want to target people from high and upper middle income groups as air travelers are generally CEOs, MDs, executives, businessmen, etc.”

“Airport advertising also stays longer with the audience as passengers have to report at least an hour before the flight leaves and this gives the message more time to reach the audience. The advertising product display works round the clock, giving maximum value for every rupee spent,” he added.

Some media options that TDI uses for maximum impact includes backlit translates, show windows, hoardings, trolleys, CCTVs, and pole kiosks.

Gupta stated that while airport advertising worked for clients from all sectors, there were some businesses such as oil, banking and telecom for which it had been more beneficial.

While airport media has advantages there are also several challenges that Gupta points out. “There are a number of limitations while dealing with government officials and authority. We have to co-ordinate with the electricity department as well as with the civil and commercial departments. The client is not always patient while these things are in the process of being sorted out,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, there are several new clients that TDI is looking at this year. Gupta said, “Airport advertising has a new life after the introduction of low-cost airlines. TDI is now also focusing on aviation, tourism and insurance companies. Airport media is more brand building rather than product advertising.”

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