Tag Media comes out with its audience research

Tag Media comes out with its audience research

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Feb 02,2009 6:45 AM

Tag Media comes out with its audience research

Tag Media Network, the in-store television network, sees opportunity for the medium in recessionary times as the medium becomes much more relevant to shoppers in conveying the deals on the shop floor. Tag, which has added 150 stores in last two months, has also come out with a study that showcases the relevance of the medium and the quality of people that it reaches.

The Tag Media Audience is a research designed to present an overview of Tag’s audience in the context of the Indian market. The study was done in two parts in October and December 2008 by minds@work. The markets for the research comprised Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, the NCR and Mumbai.

Talking of the expansion and the initiative, Daniel Ginsburg, CEO, Tag Media Network, said, “The 150 stores added are more to do with the fact that we were looking at attaining a geographical balance as we felt we were skewed towards South. Most of these stores are located in the NCR and Maharashtra.”

He added, “The research shows the reach of Tag Media, which targets relevant age groups, especially among the SEC A category, which most advertisers want to tap. Also, in a situation like the current one where one is talking about recession, our medium becomes much more relevant as we give information of the value deals on the shop floor, which helps in higher conversions. In fact, we have seen many FMCG clients coming to us now probably because the medium is also cost effective.”

The research showed that Tag Media reaches a young audience with 65 per cent between the ages of 20 years and 35 years. Interesting is the fact that around 30 per cent of the Tag shoppers are in the age group of 26-30, followed by 20 per cent in the age group of 31-35. Their audience is overwhelmingly upscale with 92 per cent in SEC A and B categories. In further SEC classification, 39 per cent are in the A1 category, while 26 per cent are in A2 category.

Tag shoppers are a loyal customer base visiting Tag Media served stores approximately 2.6 times per month. Their shopping behaviour reveals that 36 per cent visit the stores four or more times in a month. Their shoppers see themselves as both modern and traditional. On the evaluation on the psychographic dimensions, while 36 per cent agreed to be modern, there were also 32 per cent that called themselves traditional.

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