Shoppers Stop taps consumers on the move with in-cab advtg

Shoppers Stop taps consumers on the move with in-cab advtg

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Nov 23,2012 6:43 PM

Shoppers Stop taps consumers on the move with in-cab advtg

Retail giant Shoppers Stop has partnered with En Route Media for its in-cab interactive TV network Flo.
Shoppers Stop has a first-mover advantage and has launched a campaign that presents a special discount offer exclusively for EasyCabs passengers watching Flo.

Commenting on the partnership, Vinay Bhatia, Customer Care Associate and Senior Vice President, Marketing and Loyalty, Shoppers Stop said, “Innovations and clutter-breakers are the need of the hour in an environment which is thick with hundreds of brands screaming ‘look at me’. Conventional forms may not always make an impactful impression. As marketers, we are always scouting for such unique opportunities to grab eyeballs. In-cab interactive TVs by En Route Media give us just that! It offers us the opportunity to engage with the customer for a defined duration. We can create compelling content to keep the customer hooked. We have designed a fascinating digital ad for our ‘Choose your own gift’ offer that will be leveraged through the in-cab interactive TV network.”

This initiative comes under the umbrella campaign of ‘Choose your own gift at Shoppers Stop’ that is running till January 1, 2013. Unlike other advertisements, this one was designed specially to optimally utilise Flo’s strengths.

According to an official release, Flo has an audio visual, touch screen interface that allows passengers to interact with brands during their cab journey. Shoppers Stop has used an interactive animation that asks passengers “When was the last time you treated yourself?”; upon clicking a button, interested passengers are redirected to a landing page specially created to give out the SMS codes they can use to avail the exclusive discount. Along with this, side banners have been used for recall purposes.

Paul Schwarz, Co-Founder, En Route Media said, “It is very interesting to see how the medium has grown. Earlier brands used to use our screens to display TVCs, making use of the greater impact of this medium as compared to other AV media. Now, they are also starting to see the potential in-taxi screens hold for actual brand-audience engagement and interactivity. Shoppers Stop has been an exciting brand to work with; it was very open to new ideas and made the whole process very smooth for us. We are looking forward to more brands opening up their media plans to innovation.”

Mumbai-based En Route Media, with a mission to tap into hard-to-reach audiences on the move, last year launched Flo, the in-cab interactive TV network.

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