Red FM seeks to be the ‘voice of the common man’

Red FM seeks to be the ‘voice of the common man’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Sep 14,2005 7:12 AM

Red FM seeks to be the ‘voice of the common man’

In a bid to reposition itself as the common man’s voice, Red FM 93.5 has unfurled a series of innovative hoardings raising the issues that affect the common man. The FM channel unveiled their latest hoarding in suburban Mumbai depicting the dazzling clothes hung on the clothesline mirroring the plight of the dance bar girls rendered unemployed by the ban imposed by the Government of Maharashtra and the copy read ‘Anna, where is the work?’

According to Abraham Thomas, COO, Red FM, this was a new way of raising one’s voice and was the voice of the common man. Red FM would mirror the issues and the concerns of the common man, he added.

Thomas further said, “With the new FM regulations, the number of stations around the country is only expected to grow. In such a situation, every channel will have to have its unique positioning. Thus, we will play only popular music and position ourselves as a channel for the masses. Soon you can actually listen to a song and recognise that it is playing on Red FM. And empathy for the common man is the main reason for tuning into the station.”

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