Red FM creates awareness against crime via outdoor

Red FM creates awareness against crime via outdoor

Author | Priyanka Nair | Friday, Oct 05,2012 8:16 PM

Red FM creates awareness against crime via outdoor

After the success of ‘Crime Ki Keh Ke Lenge’ campaign in Delhi, Red FM is now all set to take this initiative forward in Mumbai. Keeping the brave spirit alive, the campaign in Mumbai is called ‘Crime Chi Gheun Tak’. The objective of this initiative is to take up and bring to fore the matters of local importance, and present them in an entertaining, yet responsible manner.

Red FM has majorly used out of home advertising as part of its promotional exercise. Yangs Saints and Warriors has executed the creative for the campaign. The outdoor media buying is done directly from the vendors in the city.

Commenting on the campaign objective, Nisha Narayan, Senior VP, Projects and Programming, Red FM said, “The purpose of launching an initiative like this is that Mumbai has seen an increasing trend in the crime rate in the recent past. Every time a crime is committed, the victim or the witnesses either report the incident or decide to push it under the carpet. Red FM takes the responsibility of sharing such stories of unparalleled bravery depicted by fellow Mumbaikars.”

“We will be featuring remarkable stories of ordinary individuals who have fought against crime – irrespective of their age, gender or profession. Red FM Mumbai’s Morning no. 1 show will feature one such instance every day, with different people related to the story coming on-air along with the protagonist,” she added.

The outdoor campaign is spread across the city and its suburbs. The suburbs of the city have been targeted extensively using transit media, mainly auto backs and cinema advertising apart from the usage of bus shelters and gantries. In addition, social media takes the audience through the details of the story along with video recordings.

The four-week campaign is divided into two phases. During the pre-launch, the radio station has invited entries through on-air promos along with social media activation through the week. This will be followed by the 3-week plan which invites listeners to hear the stories of these brave men and women of Mumbai who fought against crime.

The initiative will culminate into an on-ground event, where all the 15 protagonists will be invited under one roof and Red FM will felicitate them for their efforts and brave attempt to fight crime.

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