Primesite’s larger-than-life projection for Reebok Reezig

Primesite’s larger-than-life projection for Reebok Reezig

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Nov 11,2010 7:40 AM

Primesite’s larger-than-life projection for Reebok Reezig

Primesite, a strategic business unit of Mudra Max, recently came up with some innovative promotion for ‘Reezig’ shoes from Reebok in the Indian market.

Primesite created buzz for 21 days in Delhi and Mumbai. The main objective of the campaign was to use the uniqueness of the iconic ‘geometric zig zag shape’ of the outsole to reinforce the benefit of Zigtech technology. The creative reads, ‘Reezig – The energy drink for your feet’. The campaign focused on communicating the benefits of ‘Reezig’ shoes, crafted with ZigTech technology, signifying its importance of reducing the wear and tear of the leg muscles by up to 20 per cent.

Since it is a global campaign, Primesite created a larger than life projection of the shoe, attracting maximum attention of passers-by and breaking clutter in the market. To do so, a shoe of 16 x 8 feet was created, which was placed in three strategic locations in Delhi. Primesite exclusively emphasised this campaign through billboards, pole kiosks, translites, runner boards and bus shelters. Apart from these, mall elevators and drop downs were also used inside malls.

Commenting on the campaign, Mandeep Malhotra, President, Mudra Max OOH, said, “Our amassed experience over years has effected in this pulsating idea. ‘Bringing the product to life’ was the objective and we were successful in doing so, thus allowing the end consumers to actually sense and feel the brand closely, which in turn translated to traffic in the stores.”

Sajid Shamim, Director - Marketing, Reebok, said, “The larger than life shoes bought Zigtech’s unique zig zag shape to life and created unprecedented noise and talk in the market. At Reebok, we believe in being clutter breakers and Primesite has helped us achieve exactly that.”


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