Percept Out-of-Home’s innovation makes Horlicks ProHeight stand tall

Percept Out-of-Home’s innovation makes Horlicks ProHeight stand tall

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Feb 06,2010 6:32 AM

Percept Out-of-Home’s innovation makes Horlicks ProHeight stand tall

Percept Out-of-Home, a division of Percept Ltd, has created some clutter-breaking outdoor innovation as part of a month-long campaign for ‘Horlicks ProHeight’ in Kolkata. The campaign kickstarted in January 2010.

Speaking on this latest campaign, Sanjay Pareek, President, Percept OOH, said, “The current outdoor landscape is cluttered, and the only way to break the clutter is to ‘innovate’. But it is easier said than done, clients have to buy into innovation. GSK supported us to go for innovation and we must thank JWT to have worked on a creative, which suited outdoor medium. I am sure this campaign will help the client get more than what they wanted.”

According to Puneet Das, Marketing Manager - Nutrionals, GSK, “OOH as a medium is highly cluttered, and an average person hardly spends time standing under a standard billboard reading the copy. Therefore, the team took upon the challenge to break this clutter and create a campaign that can make heads turn. As per the initial feedback, we have certainly created a lot of buzz about the launch and there is a steady demand building in for the brand in a short time, which is a possible result of the innovative 360-degree approach.”

The launch concept was to highlight for all those moms who are concerned about their children’s height – are they growing as fast as their friends, will they be among the taller ones in the class, can they reach the top of the shelf where you can’t, is my child really well nourished. Translating this idea into a campaign, a larger than life cut-out of a boy standing on a stool trying to reach the all new Horlicks pack was conceptualised and created on various media vehicles. Ideated by JWT, the creative partner for GSK, and executed by Percept OOH, this campaign has managed to gain attention on the city roads.

In another outdoor innovation, programmed sequential illumination bring alive the key visual of the Horlicks ProHeight pack on various hoardings at key junctions/ stretches across Kolkata city.

Percept OOH has executed the campaign in Kolkata using different media formats, which include wrap around pillars, traffic beat branding, hoardings, and so on. From the plush areas of Kolkata, including Salt Lake to VIP Road, and major flyovers like the AJC Bose Flyover to Park Street Flyover, the campaign reached out everywhere.

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