Pantaloon develops special ‘Out of Home’ space division

Pantaloon develops special ‘Out of Home’ space division

Author | Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia | Thursday, Sep 08,2005 7:26 AM

Pantaloon develops special ‘Out of Home’ space division

OOH is beginning to gain importance and Pantaloon is all too pleased to work for its cause. It has come up with a dedicated ‘Out of Home’ space division with a team specially formed to look after the division. This will provide a new option for advertisers to promote their brands.

Explaining the genesis of the division’s origin, Hemanth Shah, COO, OOH Media, Pantaloon Knowledge Group, said, “Since Pantaloon has several different store formats like Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Central Mall, Fashion Station, etc, with each a brand in its own right, it dawned on us that we have a tremendous opportunity to connect with the customers when it makes sense. We know that the most important thing for any advertiser is to connect as closely as possible and in an influential way with the customers. Our offering enables it easily.”

Pantaloon is open to all kinds of ideas from the client and will cooperate for anything that helps the advertised product’s brand. The options vary from being conventional (hoardings, pillars, walls) to unconventional (carry bags, trolleys), and the contact node will be a single point contact.

Started since July 1, 2005, Shah claimed that the response to the new division had been quite satisfying. With a client list that boasts of Hindustan Times, Mumbai Mirror, Zee Smile, and STAR One among others, Pantaloon seems to be quite happy with the way the division has shaped up.

Equipped with an ability to offer footfall measurement as well as customer profile, Pantaloon also puts to rest worries of the advertiser on ROI and measurement.

According to Shah, the whole promotions were effected through interactions with advertisers, advertising agencies and media planners. Collectively, what would work out best is decided upon and accordingly executed.

Shah further said that while the possibility of sale owing to such promotions always existed, they also helped in leaving the customer favourably displaced even if a sale did not happen.

Regular exit interviews and customer feedback would ensure that there were no distractions and only healthy brand promotions took place through the OOH options.

Pantaloon is extremely gung-ho about the whole thing and feels that the timing is just perfect. Advertisers would do well to make use of the opportunity.

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