Out of home but never beyond reach – emergence of an alternative media

Out of home but never beyond reach – emergence of an alternative media

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Sep 14,2004 8:19 AM

Out of home but never beyond reach – emergence of an alternative media

The traditional brand communication mediums, more commonly known as the ‘arm chair’ mediums, are facing serious threat from the emerging ‘out-of-home communications’ (OOH). The OOH media constitutes more than 10 per cent of the media mix in large part of the world and in over the last five years, the OOH communication industry grown by approximately seven per cent.

Through the outdoor communication, important customers and marketers can be tapped and conveyed the message when they are shopping or driving or taking a walk. However, developing a creative idea clicking with these consumers is very challenging. The media definitely has advantages to its credit. To put it right, OOH communication is used to reach consumers who are hard to reach and in doing so, messages can be changed every few days to impact people unlike in the traditional media where messages cannot be changed so frequently.

To share the insights on the importance of out-of-home brand communication, a session was organised by Primesite. Speaking on the role of OOH in today’s dynamic consumer mindset, Brent Kennedy, Head of DDB Creative, Japan, says that the medium has evolved into a completely new and powerful phenomenon and according to him, in today’s scenario, brands need to communicate with their customers by using the entire spectrum of available communication mediums – both conventional as well as non-conventional, and this is where OOH comes into the picture.

OOH has indeed revolutionised the way outdoor communication used to be looked upon by marketers. The medium has now moved to be reckoned as very effective in communicating with consumers at various touch points. In real sense, it has developed into a non-traditional or beyond-the-line idea generating communication media.

Partaking his opinion, Indrajit Sen, President of Primesite, says that although the OOH industry is not very organised but the area cannot be ignored anymore especially with the amount of spends the outdoor and visual merchandising receive. The net ad-spend for outdoor media exceeds beyond Rs 2,000 crore.

“OOH might be growing much faster than any other media but with the expansion of markets there is much more scope for growth than we see. Technology has also played its part on outdoor communications,” says Vasanth Jante, editor and publisher, Outdoor Today & Pop Today. He explains his optimism through factors such as innovation; technology and research are the factors that can contribute to the overall development of the outdoor industry.

To sum it up, what needs importance is that both the marketers and the consumers can now be explicitly happy about the fact that through the OOH communication media, the possibility of an integrated approach for driving the message across to the consumer can be achieved.

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