OOH: The sheer size advantage and cost effectiveness make it a strong medium

OOH: The sheer size advantage and cost effectiveness make it a strong medium

Author | Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia | Monday, Oct 03,2005 7:53 AM

OOH: The sheer size advantage and cost effectiveness make it a strong medium

Whenever there is talk on topical ads, the brand that comes to mind is Amul. It has effectively used the out-of-home (OOH) medium for long now. This has also led other brands to develop innovative communications. A recent example is the Hutch campaign, which is aimed at associating the telecom brand with the Delhi Half Marathon that is being held in New Delhi on October 16, 2005.

When asked about the objective of the campaign and how the idea came about, Pratap Bose, President, Ogilvy Activation, said, “Marathon is all about movement. We wanted to show an element of movement on a billboard. Hence, the idea originated.”

The idea was thought of around 10 days prior to the campaign launch. According to Bose, “One thing that really makes the campaign stand out is the fact that never before has a man been put on a billboard and shown moving. There have been men and models, but never someone running on it.”

The brief was simple. Like a typical Bollywood film, executives at Ogilvy had to do something ‘hat kay’ (different). Out of the box thinking was the name of the game. Carrying forward the brief, Ogilvy broke the monotony of taking conventional media and got on the roads, literally. The message was simple – “On your feet, Delhi”.

However, the execution was not so simple. The team comprising Atul Maheshwari, Ravi Ambrose, Kuldeep Kumar, and Priya Ranjan Singh did not leave any stone unturned for creating a flawless visual on a not so flawless surface of buses.

Arguing in favour of the outdoor medium vis-à-vis other mediums, Bose explained, “Outdoor is a seven-word, seven seconds medium. The advantage is that you have the widest canvas to communicate your ideas. The television has a frame, press may have a page, but the sheer size of outdoor makes it a special medium. Apart from that, it is also the cheapest, making it a favourite of advertisers.”

When asked about the check points to be considered before working on a topical ad like this, Bose said, “While the idea can be totally brilliant, one also needs to ensure the element of execution and feasibility.”

With more and more innovation taking place around the medium, OOH is bound to grow more and emerge a strong and reliable communication medium.

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