OOH push for UTV Bindass’ Emotional Atyachar 4

OOH push for UTV Bindass’ Emotional Atyachar 4

Author | Priyanka Nair | Thursday, Jan 24,2013 6:51 PM

OOH push for UTV Bindass’ Emotional Atyachar 4

Disney UTV’s youth general entertainment channel UTV Bindass is bringing back its flagship property Emotional Atyachar after a gap of two years.

The channel has tweaked the format of the show as the fourth season makes its debut on January 26. Instead of conducting the famous loyalty test on their partners, the participants will now narrate their experiences in relationship crises. As a part of the marketing push, the channel had launched an extensive 10-day outdoor and 15-day cinema advertising campaign.

Nikhil Gandhi, Executive Director, Youth Channels Media Networks, Disney UTV said, “Our strategy was to get everyone curious about that fact that Emotional Atyachar is coming back with season 4.”

The campaign is currently active in markets such as Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Lucknow and Pune. It used a wide range of vehicles such as billboards, kiosks and gantries.

The outdoor campaign was executed by Alakh and the cinema advertising was rolled out by Orienta. The promotional OOH campaign is also supported by print and radio.

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