OOH Media, too, salutes India’s Olympic hero Abhinav Bindra

OOH Media, too, salutes India’s Olympic hero Abhinav Bindra

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Aug 16,2008 8:26 AM

OOH Media, too, salutes India’s Olympic hero Abhinav Bindra

It seems the nation, and various advertisers, can’t get enough of India’s latest ‘Golden Boy’, Abhinav Bindra. One such advertiser joining the ‘Congratulate Bindra’ brigade is OOH Media. The out-of-home agency is releasing four vignettes featuring the Olympic Gold medalist as part of its property called ‘Know your OOH Hero’. The vignettes, complete with trivia nuggets about Bindra, would highlight the magnanimity of his achievement and other interesting factoids about him and his life.

Ashutosh Parekh, National Content Head, OOH Media, said, “The idea is to not just congratulate him, but also showcase from a grass root level what makes Abhinav Bindra a true hero. The fact that he has fought various odds and surmounted all obstacles to achieve the seemingly impossible – that’s the real essence of a hero – and that would be communicated to over 55 million people through our entire network of over 4,700 screens across 22 cities. A national hero deserves national recognition and respect.”

The vignettes are scheduled to run soon, wherein a different vignette would be flashed every week and made relevant to the community at large.

Parekh further said, “The ‘OOH Hero’ property will connect the national hero to the people of this nation. It’s just a beginning to what we have in the pipeline as part of our ‘content connect’ with audiences across the country. Abhinav’s win gave us the perfect opportunity to do that.”

“Like every on-air property, this too will have a shelf life, but clearly my mantra is innovate or suffocate. And every creative property will be maximised based on its strength and appeal,” he added.

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