OOH goes live

OOH goes live

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Friday, Mar 02,2007 9:02 AM

OOH goes live

The Out-Of-Home medium is becoming innovative in India, with outdoor agencies offering something differentiated at a regular basis. OOH agencies in India, even with their drawbacks, as compared to some in the international markets, are doing their best with what is available to catch the passers-by’s attention, and one of the recent trends picking up is the usage of ‘live’ models. Brands like BBC World, Bru Coffee, Sony Ericsson, Zapak and many others have used this tool quite a bit over the past few weeks.

BBC World recently used live models for their first India campaign ‘What Affects the World, Affects You’, involving a model showcasing a dress, made by a woman, depicted by another model, working on the loom continuously. The display was done in the show window.

Similarly, Sony Ericsson used live models working out on treadmills to promote their new music phones. Zapak did something similar with a person climbing up and down a billboard that enacted a scene of one of their games.

Elaborating more on the use of live models, Kinetic Outdoor MD Madhuri Sapre said, “It is an excellent idea as it creates a lot of attention. Moreover, using live models are a great clutter breaker.” Citing some of the examples from their stable, Sapre explained, “We had used them recently for our Airtel Songcatcher campaign in Delhi where we placed a person trying to catch surrounding music. In the past too, we had done something for Idea Cellular.” She also added that the agencies usually use live models for the first few days and later use dummies.

Agreeing with her, a Percept Outdoor Division spokesperson added, “It is a good innovation if it has been executed properly. Also, live models give a lot of mileage for the brands and easily grab onlooker’s attention.” The spokesperson also cited an example of using live models for Samsung.

MOMS CEO Soumitra Bhattacharyya said, “On paper, the usage of models looks brilliant. But it has to be executed properly as a hoarding has to be larger than life and the models should not be lost among them. The location is very important for such a display and if it is very high or far from the road, it cannot be seen and thereby serves no purpose.”

“We have been using live models for quite some time now. We started it four years ago for Zee, wherein we had live characters from Mahabharata for promoting the show on the channel,” he added.

Using live models may be innovative and clutter breaking if used correctly, as the experts state. For the advertiser and the consumer, this is a refreshing tool that can give Indian outdoor medium a further boost.

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