OOH agency AD’s World gets ISO certification

OOH agency AD’s World gets ISO certification

Author | Sumita Patra | Saturday, Mar 24,2007 8:26 AM

OOH agency AD’s World gets ISO certification

Out-Of-Home agency AD’s World has acquired an ISO certification. This comes as a part of the realignment within the company.

Ajay Dhawan, Founder and CEO, AD’s World, said, “Certification is only a token reward for the teams for their effort to systemise and follow processes during the past year. The team devised these systems to ensure that the company is not individual-driven, but system-driven. It therefore feels good that when attrition takes place in the future, we don’t have to run after individuals to do their paper work. All projects will get a green signal now only once the paper work and feasibility is in order.”

As part of the certification, the organisation will see little more paper work in the short term. Dhawan said, “It helps in drawing up a feasibility on each project, which leads to higher profitability.”

The agency was supposed to get the certification by the end of last year. Dhawan, explained, “We have been imparting training to our employees since January 2006. We did our internal audit and realised that there were some loopholes that needed to be plugged. The team took it upon themselves at each branch across the country to comply with the findings and once we were ready, we decided to get the external auditors in, who were pretty pleased with the workings.”

“The whole concept of this certification was not the certificate alone. As a company which has grown substantially in the last five years, we needed to bring in systems that could track our movement and highlight areas of improvement. This helped us define the key response areas and key performance indicators of each individual in the company, thereby getting more output per resource,” he added.

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