OAC 2007: Of late payments, measurement and national associations

OAC 2007: Of late payments, measurement and national associations

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Friday, Jun 15,2007 4:13 PM

OAC 2007: Of late payments, measurement and national associations

The afternoon session of the Outdoor Adverting Convention (OAC) 2007 had the crowd in action by voicing their pleasures and displeasures during the panel discussion, and even during the speeches. While the presentation veered on the OOH industry existing outside India, the panel discussion was aimed at recognising the problems facing the industry and solving them, inside the country.

Daniela Krautsack, MD, Magic Moments/ A MediaCom Unit, MediaCom Vienna, kicked off the afternoon session by outlining her presentation on the topic ‘Ambient Media and Its Challenges to Impress’. Krautsack spoke about how ambient media, over the last 10 years, has become synonym for true creative media. She said, “Ambient media presents a message in an unexpected environment in an unusual manner or both.” During her presentation, she also pointed out the target audience and explained their challenges. She identified two target audiences -- Trysummers, which she explained as the daring one who are ultra smart, and Technosexuals, who are always multi-tasking and are always in line with digital communication.

The panel discussion titled ‘Outdoor Central’ had Pratap Bose, CEO, O&M India, chairing the session. Industry players like Indrajit Sen, COO and Business Head, Jagran Engage; Noomi Mehta, MD, Selvel Advertising; and, Amrit Pal Singh, MD, Adwel Advertising, were the panellists. The discussion had taped questions from OOH players from smaller towns thrown at the panellists.

Research, measurement and payments were the most debated points of the evening, with the smaller town players also requesting the need for unbiased measurement system for the space. Talking on the topic, Bose was optimistic on the plans for a tracking body for OOH to be in place in the next couple of months.

Selvel Advertising’s Nehta was of the opinion that ‘bundling’ will hit the smaller players in OOH really hard, and that self-regulation is of quite importance in the industry. Agreeing with him, Singh also observed that there is too much of regulation in the industry from the judiciary and the government. Meanwhile, Sen had tough time defending an observation about how bigger players that are into print media are exploiting the space. Questions were also raised on how these players have double standards by writing anti-OOH stories, and at the same time, buying up OOH spaces in large quantities at very high prices.

(With inputs from Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy)

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