MTS ‘Dongle City’ OOH campaign grabs eyeballs

MTS ‘Dongle City’ OOH campaign grabs eyeballs

Author | Shanta Saikia | Friday, Dec 02,2011 8:37 AM

MTS ‘Dongle City’ OOH campaign grabs eyeballs

In line with the company’s data led strategy, MTS has set up 20 feet dongle innovation at two strategically located petrol pumps in Gurgaon - Cyber Greens and Nathurpur, that have been grabbing the commuters’ eyeballs.

Shankar Bali, COO, Delhi & Haryana Circles, MTS India, talks about MTS’ ‘Dongle City’ campaign and leveraging OOH to create brand awareness.

How did you arrive at this creative idea and which is the agency behind this innovation?
This innovation was result of a joint ideation between the MTS India team and the agency, Apex Integrated Marketing. The idea is that MTS gives you the freedom and control over your life and better access to information around the world.

The mammoth MBlaze dongle has been created to give it a larger than life look. There are two such installations at high traffic locations in Gurgaon.

Our brief was simple: in line with our Data Centric Voice Enable strategy and our endeavour to establish Gurgaon as the ‘MTS Dongle City’, showcase our high speed data card MBlaze in an innovative manner, which resonates in the consumer’s mind, creating a strong brand recall. Given that consumers today look past the traditional advertising, we wanted to come up with an eye catching innovation.

What were the challenges involved?
Whenever you are executing an outdoor innovation, the main challenge is to find the best mix of medium and location.

Have you undertaken or plan to undertake similar innovations in other cities as well?
As of now Gurgaon is the only place where we have executed this idea. However, given the tremendous response that we have received, we are evaluating options to execute it in other cities as well. However, it won’t be possible for me to share exact details right now.

What is the duration of this campaign?
The structure was installed in the second week of November and it is part of an ongoing campaign.

Any special tools used to measure the visibility factor or the response?
This structure has been put up at two high traffic locations in Gurgaon. Given the volume of traffic moving in and out of Gurgaon, this outdoor innovation will surely register in the minds of consumers.


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