More than 70% people like going out of home these days: Moving World India

More than 70% people like going out of home these days: Moving World India

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Feb 29,2012 9:10 AM

More than 70% people like going out of home these days: Moving World India

Offering consumer insights is one of the key tasks on Kinetic Worldwide’s India agenda in 2012. One of the first moves in that direction has come in the form of Moving World India, a study done on the changing out of home (OOH) industry and consumer behaviour in context to OOH.

Presenting some of the findings from this study, Rajul Kulshreshtha, Managing Director, Kinetic India pointed out a few key insights into consumer behaviour in India that auger well for the changing OOH industry. The first point was Indians affinity towards watching movies. Kulshreshtha informed that 68 per cent respondents in Mumbai said that they like going out for movies in weekends. In Ahmedabad, 78 per cent respondents gave a similar feedback.

Kulshreshtha quipped, “Really the insight is that the hero never loses! But on a serious note, Indians love movies and go out more and more to watch a movie these days.”

He added that Indians also loved to talk. The study shows that an average consumer in Delhi spends over 84 minutes on his or her phone over a weekend. The number is higher in Kolkata, where respondents said that they spent over 90 minutes on the phone.

This perhaps is reflected in the fact that there are 792 million mobile subscribers in India in comparison to 100 million broadband users. Kulshreshtha said, “73 per cent feel that their mobile phone is more important than their laptop. 71 per cent people believe that they are nothing without their mobile phones. They carry it all times, when they travel.”

Shopping is another growing trend in India. While airport traffic has significantly increased over the years and the government has invested in the airport infrastructure, Kulshreshtha pointed out that much of the time that people spent waiting at airports, which can be as high as 127 minutes for a metro like Bangalore, is spent in shopping.

He said, “Shopping has become more than just about necessary buying. In fact, 71 per cent of youth say that they will sacrifice socialising for shopping.”

The luxury market in India is expected to grow. Also new government policies, whether it is in context to the Reserve Bank of India making provisions to allow money vending machines at shopping outlets or road authorities issuing norms to build shopping complexes along with petrol pumps at every 50 kilometers on national highways, will also increase the shopping trend in India.

The study offers many insights on the changing consumer behaviour that can help marketers tap effectively on their relevant target audiences. Kulshreshtha said, “Once a client asked me what is out of home. The answer is simple. Everything out of home is out of home and it is truer today than ever before. More than 70 per cent people like going out these days – everything is more out of home today.”

He concluded, “Moving World India is about maximising opportunities to deliver what works for consumers when they are in different outdoor environments.”

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