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Mobile phone next wave for Digital OOH: Tom Green

Mobile phone next wave for Digital OOH: Tom Green

Author | Ashish Jha | Monday, Feb 28,2011 7:49 AM

Mobile phone next wave for Digital OOH: Tom Green

“While engagement is the biggest challenge in the out-of-home space, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) brings along various options where advertisers can actually engage with their potential customers,” said Tom Green, President, Life Pattern Digital.

With the Indian outdoor industry growing by 27 per cent in the year 2010, Green, an international digital OOH expert, said that India had a huge potential to grow at a much larger pace. He added, “While it is a good thing that players in India are very conscious of the measurability factor, the growth of the medium in India, at par with the growth of OOH globally, is a very encouraging sign.”

Green was confident of digital out of home fueling the next wave of growth in the OOH space. Commenting on the early advantage of the new OOH format, he said, “DOOH today has got a very low clutter, high share of voice, cost efficiency, flexibility and exclusivity.”

Mobile - the next DOOH
He, however, added that convergence of out of home with the Internet space had thrown up challenges to both creative and media owners. “With DOOH making inroads into personal space through mobile phones, a perfect mode of communication to strike a personal cord with consumers is very much required,” he stressed.

Elaborating on this, he said, “For example, if a customer is shopping around a mall, advertisers can send them messages about the discounts on products or services that they want to make available around that particular place. With faster adoption of new apps, the location based message will widen the scope of DOOH.” He further said that these new forms of OOH would require a huge amount of creatives to meaningfully engage with customers.

“Other benefits of mobile screen are that it has got measurability as well. One can very closely observe the ROI. DOOH also brings category exclusivity and more control from advertisers’ point of view,” he pointed out.

As the mobile base in India grows to over 700 million, Green expected mobile OOH to be the biggest communication platform in the next 5-6 years. “Online videos and other online content are becoming the order of the day. As Indian consumers gradually move to 3G technology, the trend will pick up faster. It will bring content faster and create engaging platforms at a personal level,” he added.

Creative foot forward
Green, however, stressed that a pilot test must be an essential part of any project. An audience response must be sought to finalise a spot before a screen was finally placed at a particular place. “Consumer feedback on the brand experience is a must,” he affirmed.

“Audience today is far more active and hence, we also need to move away from static poster. DOOH is something that is in sync with the changing need of our audience,” he noted.

He also asked established players to realise new realities and understand the cost related challenges that marketers faced in the competitive market place today.

Tom Green was speaking on the topic ‘Making Digital Signage Work for Your Brand’ at the first ever e4m & n2m OOH 2011 Conference for Outdoor Advertising & Digital Signage in Delhi on February 25. Chairperson for the session was Ishan Raina, CEO, OOH Media.

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