Milestone Brandcom, McDonalds' road safety drive

Milestone Brandcom, McDonalds' road safety drive

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Feb 02,2011 8:08 AM

Milestone Brandcom, McDonalds' road safety drive

Milestone Brandcom and McDonalds have jointly created a campaign to make Mumbaikars aware about traffic safety tips as part of the Creating a Road Safety Week initiative. McDonalds’ mascot ‘Ronald’ demonstrated how to obey the traffic rules.

To further their cause for safety and environment initiatives, McDonalds and Milestone have also joined hands with the Mumbai traffic police for the mass activity.

Rajat Gupta and Hanoz Patel have ideated and executed the entire campaign, wherein 500 touch points were covered in Mumbai in over two weeks of the CSR campaign. A media innovation involving Ronald’s cutouts was seen at nearly all traffic signal points. The Road Safety Week festival was carried out from January 3 to 17, 2011. The campaign was extended till the end of January to reinforce the message frequently to leave a lasting image in audience’s mindspace.

Commenting on the CSR initiative, Rameet Arora, Senior Director, Marketing, McDonalds India, South and West, said, “It is a great initiative by the Mumbai police to have this campaign. The traffic in Mumbai does need to be disciplined, thus such initiates should be frequent. We are obliged that we could help them to create awareness and encourage the people to follow the traffic rules for their own safety.”

Nabendu Bhattacharyya, Founder and MD, Milestone Brandcom, said, “We are delighted to execute a campaign which has addressed the society at large and created huge awareness, McDonalds’ brand and creative approach brought the cause alive, and visual demonstration of message helped reach out ed to larger audience in a simplified manner.”

Executing the campaign, McDonalds’ mascot Ronald was seen demonstrating with cut-outs to obey traffic rules. The cut-outs campaign was about controlling speed (I am following the speed limit while driving – I’m loving it); wearing seat belt (I am wearing a seat belt – I’m loving it); no phone calls while driving (I am not using the phone while driving – I’m loving it); wearing helmet for safety (I am wearing a helmet – I’m loving it); no unnecessary honking (I am not honking – I’m loving it); and no drinking and driving (I am not drinking and driving – I’m loving it).

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